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My Olsson

Stockholm, Sweden

My Olsson is an Artist, Graphic Designer, Art Director, UX/UI Designer, Visual Artist.

Already before the age of twenty, she had sold her artwork successfully at three different exhibitions.
She then had to decide whether to continue as an artist or to get a college education.

She initially studied psychology, but eventually switched to the media technology program at Blekinge Institute of Technology where she took a Master’s degree in “Digital media design”.

During her studies, she had the chance to work for SVT and she did her Master’s thesis for Liljevalchs, the Stockholm School of the Arts and Stockholm’s Cultural Administration.

For almost 2 decades, My has worked in marketing as Graphic Designer, Art Director, UX/UI Designer and Visual Artist for various companies, including three major Nordic Internet Banks.

However, her need to express herself freely as an artist led her to found her own company Mydesign in 2012.

In addition to creating freely, she carries out customer orders through Mydesign that can vary from e.g.

graphic profiles to tattoos and other pieces of artwork.

In her work, she does not allow herself to be technically nor artistically constrained but instead tries to vary materials and to experiment and test the boundaries of different media.
She therefore often uses combinations of e.g.
watercolour with blend technique, acrylic, oil, ink and alcohol ink and so on in her creations.

For My, it is important to weave underlying psychology into her artwork.
However, it is you, the observer, who will see an image based on your own reflections.

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