Angelica Hvass

Hello Angelica! Could you start by telling us who you were as a child about 7-8 years old?

Hey! I grew up in a small town, I was a dreamer, I often imagined that I was in another world where animals talked and everything was made of candy. Haha. I loved nature and animals. I collected beetles and butterflies all day and then let them go in the evening. I didn't have a worry in the world. My childhood was very safe and I was lucky to have that kind of childhood you wish every child would have had.

Do you have any really old hotos you could show us?

Yes, have dug a little in mother's archives. In the photo below, I was 2.5 years old. My mom told me that (although you may not believe it when you look at the picture) I was always kind and kind to all animals and, as I mentioned earlier, loved all animals. Our cat had kittens and this was one of those ❤️

... and who are you today? A few decades later?

A part of that young girl is still there. I still love fairy tales and beetles, (I have a tattoo of a beetle on my arm today). Back then I thought the world was carefree, today I see that it is also dark, which may be both good and bad. I'm a little more grounded today, I have two children and my adult life has caught up with me. I try to live by the the idea that I may only have this life and it's best to try to live it the best I can. I have moved around a lot but have finally found my home in Gothenburg. I never think I'll feel completely grown up or "finished", my glass is never quite full.

Can you come think of anything from your childhood that has shaped who you are today?
I think that a large part of me being who I am is thanks to the freedom I had as a child, (within reasonable limits). I had lots of people around me who gave me so much. I have memories from my grandmother and grandfather where we made our own fishing poles and my grandfather who taught me how to tie hooks. My other grandfather had a scrap yard where we ran around and played among all the old cars. I built huts, nailed together bird cages and nobody told me I couldn't do anything I set my mind to. I grew up believing that I can do whatever I choose in life. Something I feel I managed to finally be able to work with and I found something meaningful and fun. Maybe I have reached this point in my life because of that little carefree girl who was told she could do whatever she wanted.

Angelicas prints

When did your interest in photography begin?

I've been creative ever since I was little, I always loved to paint and draw, but I didn't discover photography until quite late. It started by me studying jewelry art. I was very determined and jewelry art was what I wanted to work with. However, I always felt that I wanted to include photography in my exhibits and noticed that I put more focus on showing my feelings through my photos, rather than keeping the working on the jewelry collection. Photography was my way of getting creative when there was no time for anything else, I first saw it as a substitute. It took some time for me to realize that what I just did for fun could be something more. Then one day everything fell into place and I asked myself why I did not realize it earlier.

Do you have any photos from your every day life you could share?

And then we fast forward in time a littler. This photo is from my jewelery exhibition "Abandoned place, shards of memories" Me and a good friend went to desert houses and I picked things that fell apart and created along with silver, jewelry of these parts. It's also one of my daughters that is a model. It was here somewhere as the photo began to take more space in my life.

I also take lots of photos when I'm with my family, catching moments that together make nice stories to look back on. If you are part of my family, you simply have to put up with having a camera in your face.

Your photo art has a high recognition factor and a very unique expression and also a little melancholy feel. Where do you find your inspiration?

It's usually a matter of seeing a place and getting a feel from that place. And based on that feeling of the image is born. I like to leaving some things to chance and the interaction I get with the one I'm shooting is a big part in my creation. To capture the right feeling, it's important to me that even a part of the person I'm photographing appears in the picture. I don't want to control too much. Sometimes it's enough that I ask someone to think about a certain feeling or make a move and then the pieces fall into place. I almost always have my camera with me, even through a train window on a rainy Tuesday there may be a story. There is something beautiful in the melancholy, there is no light without darkness. Perhaps because I feel so at home in Gothenburg..

Mer prints från Angelica

Which photo is your favorite from your gallery? Could you tell the story behind that picture?

One of my favorites is Sisters, West Coast. We went to Saltholmen, it was a very cold typical windy day in Gothenburg. I like the raw cold in the image, in contrast to the strong ties they have to each other, sisters, twins, the sadness and joy in being two of a kind. They have also been my friends for a long time, which obviously plays into my choice. ❤️

You shoot so many different models, where do you find them?

I've found several of them through social media, I get so inspired by people who dare to be themselves. I have just asked simply and been lucky to have them say yes. Some of the people I'm photographing are family and friends too, me and my oldest daughter who is nine years old have a special bond. She is often in my pictures. She usually brings ideas and loves to go on photo adventures with me. Now she has her own camera and I can jump in and model for her too.

We always ask our photographers if they had to choose a well-known Swedish to send a print to, who would it be?

Hmm, what a difficult question .. The first person that comes to mind is Stina Wollter. There is so much heart and strength in her. All people should be allowed to take their place in the world just as they are and everyone is equally worthwhile. She inspires me every day. Would be an honor to have one of my pictures on her wall.