World Photography Day

World Photography Day – Worth celebrating

We announced it as ‘the most important day of the year’. Larger than Christmas and your birthday together. Like it was the day you and everyone had been longing for. We were talking about the 19th of August or as we know it; World Photography Day. ‘Ha ha, you tried to be funny. Sorry, didn’t laugh’.
That’s OK. Most people didn’t celebrate World Photography Day 2018 as much as we did in the Printler Community. But let us put it this way: What role has photography played in your life?


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What would your life be without photography?

Without photography you would never have been able to look back at all those Christmases and birthdays for a good laugh at your silly 80’s or 90’s haircuts. Never been able to convince your friends that you met Beyoncé in the street. Instagram would never have been invented (try to imagine that!) and you would obviously not have had any photo art on your walls at home 😵

So maybe World Photography Day is a good reason to celebrate? At least we did in the Printler-team together with our community of photographers. Next opportunity comes in August 2019 and we’re already super excited about it!

PrintlerWalk at Djurgården, Stockholm

Outside of the Stockholm center, in Rosendals garden, a couple of Printler photographers gathered to celebrate the day. Some of them had met before. Others had not. There's always some tension at the beginning of every meetup. Even this time. But with the common interest of photography, barriers like age difference, are easily overcome.

The weather this day was altering between cloudy and sunny, giving us a nice variation through out the PrintlerWalk.

The beautiful with World Photography Day is the fact that it brings people with a common interest closer. During the day, people from entire Europe posted photos on the Instagram tag #PrintlerWPD18