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About Printler

Why Printler?

At Printler, we know what genuine Wall Art adds to a home. What we hang on our walls can tell us about memories, dreams, desires and much more. Or simply look great along with our interior. 
Our selection is large, and we offer something for every room and individual. To help you find the right art, we categorize by trends, themes, colors and types of rooms. Once you have saved your favorites, we have a tool to help you put together your own picture wall. We call it the “Wall Planner”

Quality - worth paying a little extra for

When you order your Wall Art art from Printler, you can be confident that you have made an affordable choice while the quality is very high and durable. We print with high standard inkjet technology. We produce every product on demand, according to your specifications.
All posters and prints are quality checked before they are sent to you. We take great pride in maintaining a quality that makes a distinct difference - it is our promise to you as a customer, and to all our connected photographers and artists.


Printed on an exclusive 230 gram paper. The surface is pleasantly matte and the paper is environmentally certified.

Framed Art

Printed on high quality paper from Hahnemühle. The print is laminated, which gives a pleasant and UV-resistant surface. It is mounted and framed in a Swedish-made wooden frame.

Printler's amazing community

Photography, watercolor, mixed media, graphic art. What speaks to you? With us, you will discover thousands of creative artists with an enormous breadth and skill, who create Wall Art with a variety of techniques. All our artists have their own shop to which they refer their customers. In their galleries you will find a collection of their artwork, particularly suitable as a beautiful interior detail.

Personal art for your walls

With us, you will find the personal, the unique, the beautiful, the exciting and the authentic for the room you want to put a golden shine on. We take photo art very seriously, and every poster and print is handled with the respect we think you as a customer, photographer or creator deserve.