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Sommaren 2022 – top list!



Art prints flying high – Summer 2022

 22nd of August, 2022

Our art loving community has spoken! During the summer, our mega cool inkjet printers spat out cocky pop art, stylish photo art and cruel illustrations. Now, we've collected some of the artworks that you've been digging the most this summer - stay tuned for a classic top list of the entire year. Are your darlings already included, or will you discover some new ones?

Make it pop!

This summer's big artsy event was undoubtedly our pop art. Colourful, cool, fun. And charmingly cocky.


If you're into classy photo art, you're not alone. Our genius photographers manage to capture their subjects and your sparkling love - here you'll find some of the best selling photographs of this summer.

"Just chillin´'" av Sofia Larsson

"Just chillin´'" av Sofia Larsson

Brush & pencil 

Many of this summer's most popular art prints were painted and sketched with lush brushstrokes and bold lines. A nice mix of clean, digital illustrations, classic drawings and beautiful paintings.