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Wanna feel good art?

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Danish illustrator ByKammille’s Art Gallery is filled with humor, vivid colors and warmth. Kinda like a friend who knows juuuust what you need right now. She’s always been drawing, and after becoming a graphic designer (working with designing dog toys!), she learnt that people appreciated what she did and started creating her own art. 

Tell us about yourself. Who are you?
I’m a 39-year-old Danish self-taught illustrator who has drawn ever since I could hold a pencil, and has now exchanged it to an iPad and an Apple Pencil.

What are your artistic influences?
I draw my ideas from a lot of different things, if it is something that makes me laugh or just feel good inside it’s written down in my notebook for future illustration-ideas. It can be that I stumble upon a fun animal fact, like i.e. the fact that bumblebees fall asleep face down in flowers with pollen on their butt. In general, it’s from what I experience in life; people, places, animals on the street, photos of fun animals when I scroll through Instagram and so forth. 

What inspired you to start working with illustrations and graphic design?
I’ve always been drawing, and after becoming the graphic designer and dog-toy designer for a small company and finding out that people like what I did, I started drawing my own things and putting them on Instagram. Printler was the very first place I tried to also sell my art, and you have had a special place in my artistic heart ever since. 

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When do you feel the most creative?
Mainly when I have time for myself and I’m happy and not stressed by other factors.

What does a day in your life look like?
Being a single mother and a student studying for a bachelor in social studies that takes a lot of my time in everyday life. Other than that, I like to prioritize going for walks and getting ideas for drawings, hanging out with friends, reading and draw, draw, draw.

Can you please tell the specific story behind one or some of your motifs?
I have stories behind many of my motifs, especially the old ones, but here are a couple of examples: 


  • Bumble Butt: like I mentioned earlier I found out that bumble bees fall asleep with their butt full of pollen in the air, and I just HAD to make a drawing of that.

  • You’re my lobster: I’m a HUGE Friends-fan and that is in honor of that

  • Eeffoc: I saw a meme with that writing and that just really made me laugh. I like drawing coffee-related illustration with a bit of sassiness and this is one of my favorites.