Gallery wall guide

How to create a unique and personal gallery wall

Mounting several photo posters and artwork in a collage is really trendy right now. We have developed a small guide for building a gallery wall to help you create a wall with Printler designs that feels right for you. Let the inspiration begin!

1.Plan the wall before you get started

Do: Before you hot the first nail into the wall, and maybe even before ordering your motives, you should plan your wall. If you have the prints at home then you can put them on the floor below the wall. If you have'nt bought your posters yet, you can use paper or cardboard in the right dimensions to get the feel of your wall..
Dont: Hit the first nail before planning your gallery wall. Worst case scenario is that you have to start over from the beginning.


2. Think big picture

Do: When putting together a gallery wall, the big picture on a whole becomes much more than each motif on it own, 1 + 1 become 3. If you only have 2-3 photo posters or prints, the wall can handle more detailed and colorful pictures. The more subjects you hang however the more important it is, that they work together look good together. You can choose 1-2 theme colors or go with black and white.

Don't: If your looking to create a calm and laid back wall, do'nt mix too much colors and details.

3. Make it personal

Do: Choose motifs that really suit you. Motifs that awaken certain memories or feelings, Art that you can relate to. Dare to mix photo art with other paintings.

Dont: Choose the motives because you think it's what others  will like. Create your very own personal gallery wall!

2. A classic pair

Putting two prints together is a timeless classic. Because this combination is symmetrical, it looks really good above a sofa or chest of drawers. Keep in mind that the motives should match each other.

Vertical Printler pairs 

Hanging prints in in a vertical line can be very eye catching. A little more classic and strict. This kind of decorating works well in a dining room och an elegant living room.  

5. Skapa en horisont

A relatively harmonious way of assembling prints in a group is to create a straight line. We call it a horizon. Above and below the horizon, you can mount paintings of framed art in various sizes and mix landscape and portrait motifs without it feeling messy, since the horizon creates calm and balance.

6. High ceilings

Do you have a high ceiling at home, or maybe at the office? Why not use it fully and assemble some really big framed prints on top of each other. It makes people lift their eyes and really pay attention to and take in the whole room as well as the high ceilings.