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Printler x Hanna Sandgren

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"There's nothing I love more than getting into my fantasy world and just drawing what I like."

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Hanna Sandgren creates imaginative art for the little ones.

Hanna, tell us a little bit about yourself, who are you?

I am a trained graphic designer and have always been very interested in color and form. My interest in drawing wasn't born until I bought an iPad and an Apple Pencil. And suddenly there was this pen that outperformed all drawing pens I had tested before... and I couldn't stop drawing! Now for me there is nothing better than to dive into my fantasy world and just draw what I like.

Where do you live and what do you work with?

I live in Växjö (Småland, Sweden) and have been working in graphic design for over ten years. I am currently working as an art director at media agency Advisory here in Växjö. How did you find creativity and art? I've probably always been creative. Not only graphically, but in every respect in everyday life - with interior design, renovation and handicrafts of all kinds. I have always enjoyed the process of creation. For example, I like to think about what other uses you can use certain materials for than what they are actually intended for.

I am passionate about drawing motifs for the children's room because it is so imaginative. I don't have to stick to frameworks and rules. It can be more playful. I like it when the motifs cannot be interpreted in an obvious way, but can be understood in different ways and the imagination can be teased out a little.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get a lot of inspiration from nature. When I walk my dog ​​in the woods, I'm always looking for little details to think about later.

What does wall art mean for a home?

Wall art is so incredibly versatile. It gives the house and the rooms more character and personality. When it comes to a child's room, I want the children's imagination to be inspired by the wall art.

What is hanging on the walls in your own home?

I have a combination of photo posters, knowledge-themed paintings and some stylish abstracts hanging on my walls.

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Working together with Printler

Working with Printler is perfect for me. Since I want to spend most of my time drawing, Printler does the rest, like production and delivery, for me.

– Hanna Sandgren


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