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Hanna Wendelbo





Plucked blossoms become magical patterns: Hanna Wendelbo

She is a pattern designer with a strong passion for flowers, who has created completely new art forms with her "flower plucking". Here, Hanna Wendelbo-Hansson shares her creative tips for decorating with photos – preferably on patterned wallpaper.

Pattern designer, fabric and wallpaper designer, freelance artist, author and lecturer. Hanna Wendelbo-Hansson is a true multi-artist and she brings her love of flowers to everything she does.

"I work with everything that has to do with flowers. I paint flowers, grow flowers, pick flowers, make floral designs and photograph flowers," says Hanna.

She finds inspiration right in front of the kitchen window, in the garden and in nature. With a steady hand, she transforms natural materials into creative works of art - a form of expression that she herself called "plucking flowers".

"For me as a designer, 'flower plucking' came about as a creative exercise that wasn't meant to be commercial in any way. It was meant to explore the creative process and help me discover new patterns. I then started photographing those patterns and on Instagram to post, and people started asking me where they could get my pictures."

Now Hanna's "Blumenzupf" has ventured into the world of art and is available as high-quality prints in the form of posters from Printler.

"I just want to be creative and not have to deal with sales and shipping. So when the opportunity arose at Printler and I could upload my gallery so easily. It suits me perfectly. The quality of the images is so good and fun too that this way I can offer my "flower picking" art to more people."

Hannawendelbo Pinkpower 8 (1)

What do you think: How do the viewers of your pictures feel?

They're actually just petals, but you can see so much in them, and I find that amusing. It depends on the eye looking at it - you see an image with emotions, says Hanna and continues:

For example, I designed a motif with wings made of white petals. It can convey a sense of freedom, a sense that nothing is impossible. Put on your wings and see what happens, will you fly high or far? Wings can also remind us of a person who is important to us, who is no longer with us but lives on in our thoughts.

What do you pay attention to when decorating with pictures and wall art?

"I base a lot on feelings like desire, passion and love. Even though I know a lot of rules and guidelines, quite often I ignore them very consciously. After all, it's my home and I'm the one who should feel comfortable in it."

Hanna suggests sticking to a color theme. She herself has designed several of her pictures as a series in harmonious color tones - which together form a whole.

Then you can enhance the effect of the pictures with the help of frames. In this way, several different motifs with the same frame can form a coherent whole. Or you have similar motifs and work with different formats and create dynamics in this way.

With her many years of experience in the wallpaper industry, Hanna advocates more color and patterns on the walls.

Murals can be exchanged at any time and used in a different place if it doesn't fit as well as you thought. If you have a heavily patterned wallpaper, you won't even be able to see holes in the wall. Patterned wallpaper and walls are just awesome!

HannaWendelbo-printler-3 (kopia).jpg

So pictures and patterned wallpaper go well together?

"Yes, you should definitely check that out! I think if you have plenty of wall art it gets cozier and frames it beautifully with patterned wallpaper behind it. Patterned wallpaper dresses the walls, wall art and picture walls decorate them. This is a simple trick that makes it very liveable at home."

And what's hanging on your walls?

"Images that mean something to me. Motifs that make me happy, mean something to me or motivate me. I work a lot with symbols like in my work "Pink Power" made of pink petals. There's something soft and empowering about it. It's incredibly beautiful to see this picture in the morning and get energy from it, it contains a message.

I'm a picture person, I express myself more with pictures than with words."

Posters by Hanna Wendelbo