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Printler x Mareike Böhmer

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"Nature is certainly my greatest source of inspiration. But I'm also very interested in Scandinavian design. I'm a passionate collector of Nordic living magazines.


Artist Mareike Böhmer

Tell us a little bit about your background, who is Mareike?

I'm Mareike, 38 years old. I live in Bad Nauheim, a small town near Frankfurt (Germany). Since 2016 I have been fortunate enough to work as a freelance artist. I am happy every day that my photographs and graphics always find a nice home with many people around the world.

How did you find creativity?

I definitely found them when I was in school. The art lessons played a supporting role. I often designed the flyers for our vintage parties. At that time I only worked with the program Paint, which was quite a challenge...

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Anything really can inspire me. I often find beautiful motifs and ideas in actually very unspectacular places. Nature is certainly my biggest source of inspiration. But I'm also very interested in Scandinavian design. I am a passionate collector of Nordic living magazines. What do you think wall art can bring into a home? In my opinion, art, like the interior of your home, says an incredible amount about your personality. Art can give your home a personal touch, but it can also add the finishing touches to certain interior styles.

What do you have on your walls at home?

I have to admit that we also have a lot of my paintings hanging in our home. In the living room I have a monochrome gallery of nature and landscape shots that remind me of our travels up north. But in the kitchen there is a colorful mix of graphics and photographs in my favourite colours and by different artists.

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Working together with Printler

I'm always happy when I have good and regular contact with the team in a shop... At Printler I quickly noticed the nice people that work here. That's why I was really happy that we met in person and that my positive impression was confirmed here.

– Mareike Böhmer


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