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Printler x Marie Rangdén

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"I love botanizing older books, photographs, and vintage commercials!"

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Marie Rangdén creates playful murals with a retro feel

Marie, tell us a little more about yourself. Who are you?

I live in Stockholm and I'm actually a graphic designer by training. However, I am currently working with security and information administration, so art is something I can only do part-time at the moment. My big dream is, of course, to work full-time at Marievictoria Design – that's the name of my own company. One fine day I want to have this studio where I can sit and just create. Another big dream is to help design book and magazine covers. That would be so incredibly cool!

How did you discover art and creativity for yourself?

I've actually always been creative and from an early age I was creating art in one way or another. During my graphic design studies, I discovered the art of collage and knew immediately that I wanted to work on it further. It was love at first sight, you can honestly say! I love everything about this process: spending hours looking for interesting subjects. Giving new life to old and often long-forgotten images. to put them in a new context. It's a bit like putting together a jigsaw puzzle and making sure all the pieces go together in the right place. I always want to develop myself and my art and try out new techniques and materials. Since I started Marievictoria Design, I have grown tremendously and I want to continue to do so.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Above all, it is nature that inspires me. plants, flowers and leaves. I also love to "botanize" older books, photographs, advertising images with plant motifs. But in fact everything inspires me with color, shape and design!

What is it that wall art can bring into a home?

Art gives a home an incredible amount and gives rooms a soul. Pictures on the walls can radiate so much joy, energy and inspiration. Is there anything better than filling an entire wall with art?

What is hanging on your walls at home?

A mix of photographic art and colourful illustrations. My favourites at home are two David Shrigley posters and three large Matisse-inspired posters hanging in the hallway. And of course my own collage art!

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Working together with Printler

What I really like about Printler is that artists can only upload a maximum number of images in their gallery. It feels like you have your own little exclusive collection. And then it's wonderful as an artist to be able to just concentrate on the creative and not have to worry about production and delivery etc. I can rest assured that those who order my art will receive high quality posters.

– Marie Rangdén


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