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Artist Profile Portrait3 2021

Boris Draschoff

Printler x Boris Draschoff

"The simpler a shape, the more room it gives to your imagination and imagination."

Berlin artist Boris Draschoff

Boris, tell us a little bit about yourself - who are you?

I come from a small German town and was born the eldest of three brothers.

What surprises most is that I actually studied economics – quite the opposite of what I do today. But back then, when I was so young, it seemed like a slightly safer option than becoming an artist. Nevertheless, I quickly realized that this was obviously the wrong decision.

So after graduating, I moved to Berlin, where I wanted to start from scratch, as I saw more space and opportunities here to grow as an artist. It's been 14 years now and since then it's been a fascinating journey with many twists and turns and surprises.

How did you discover your creativity?

Well, art has been a part of me since I was very young. A story my mother keeps telling is: When I was five years old, I invited the whole family to my own art gallery! The exhibition consisted of boxes with small paintings hanging in them - and I actually think this can be counted as my very first art exhibition. I even sold all of my artwork to my guests for a penny each. I would say a huge success! ;) But the fact that I am an artist today is actually a big coincidence and came with a lot of luck.

Since I often didn't like the pictures that my girlfriend at the time suggested to me as decoration for the walls in our apartment, she said "Well Mister, then do something that looks better!". So I sat down and created 15-20 pieces of art for our apartment so that finally something is hanging on the walls.

That was about ten years ago and today we are sitting here conducting this interview.

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Where do you get your inspiration from?

From the simplicity - and how complex it can actually be.

The simpler a shape, the more room it leaves to your imagination and imagination. Take a sunset for example: it's basically a line and a semicircle, but it creates such strong and different emotions when we look at it. This is amazing to me and inspires me.

So I implemented this idea as my big credo. It's like looking through a kaleidoscope (which translates as "seeing beautiful shapes"). Even when pointing to the same spot, everyone looking through sees something different based on their own emotions and experiences in life.

I really like that idea - so it's kind of like my artworks are completed and finished in the mind of each viewer, and not by me or by my intention.

What do you think wall art can bring into a home?

For me personally, empty walls always seem very cold and almost without a soul. A room without pictures on the walls always feels like the person who lives there is either moving in or moving out - and in a room like this I get a sense of uneasiness.

Conversely, one could say that wall art brings all the opposite feelings into a room: warmth, soul, emotions, beauty - and the feeling of arriving. And all this makes a bare apartment a warm and cozy home!

Working together with Printler

Tell us about working with Printler.

I'm actually brand new at Printler and was warmly welcomed by everyone! The whole onboarding process was very smooth and easy (which unfortunately isn't always the case). And all communication is very personal and friendly. So I'm really excited to be on board and can't wait to grow together from now on!


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What do you have on your walls at home?

Many many things! It's a wild mix of images and objects that I've collected over the years. The palette ranges from "unknown" art that my wife and I found in boxes at flea markets, to art prints by other artists that we meet at design exhibitions.

Overall, it's very varied and almost a bit chaotic - which I personally find very charming because it represents me as a person. ;)

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