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Jenni Tervahauta

Printler x Jenni Tervahauta

"I love to create motifs that spark the imagination, carry secrets, or evoke emotions and questions. They should give the feeling of wanting to dive deep into the details and colors.”

Artist Jenni Tervahauta

Tell us a little bit about yourself, who is Jenni?

I come from Norrbotten in northern Sweden and am a qualified nurse, but also a child and recreational educator. Creativity has always been a big driving force in my life, yes, like therapy. Digital creation and photography are incredibly important to me: they give me the freedom to completely shape my world. It wasn't always easy for me as a child, which I now use as a positive and powerful creative source in my work.

What do you work with?

I am currently working with handicrafts such as candle molding and stoneware (ceramic) interior details. It's something I really love as it gives me a lot of room to express my creative side.

How did you find creativity?

Ever since I was a child I have always been imaginative and creative. I've always found different ways to live my creativity: with handicrafts, baking, drawing, painting, building, etc. I love creating motifs that awaken the imagination, carry secrets, or evoke emotions and questions. They should give the feeling of wanting to dive deep into details and colours.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

My inspiration can be born from a feeling inside me and be the beginning of a new source of inspiration. Environment, shapes, colours or smells can also inspire me. Sometimes it can even be a memory from my childhood that keeps the inspiration flowing. For example, my work "Transient Rain" is a reflection of my childhood.

What do you think wall art can bring into a home?

Wall art can bring many things to a home - both joy and excitement and contrast. Pictures on the wall can create many different feelings, personal expressions and different moods. Thus, one can create a cozy and warm feeling in the house.

What do you have on your walls at home?

I personally don't have much on my walls. I like to keep everything consistent in style, but I occasionally change up my designs a bit to create new impressions in my home. I have some of my own works made of different materials like concrete, acrylic or glitter.

Working together with Printler

Working with Printler suits me really well: it gives me a lot of time to design and be creative while Printler takes care of everything else like production and delivery. Absolutely perfect! I can just sit back and do what I enjoy the most: being creative.

- Jenni Tervahauta


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