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Linnea Frank

Printler x Linnea Frank

"I feel extremely lucky to be doing something I love!"

Fashion photographer and artist Linnea creates powerful wall art

Linnea Frank is a Swedish born artist and since 2014 living in Cape Town, South Africa. This has proved an incredibly positive decision for her work, as it has added to, inspired, and influenced many of her pieces with African imagery and symbolism.

From where do you get your inspiration?
From life itself, from the most varied of places. I can see a shape from a tree and get inspired, a face that holds a secret, a gesture that speaks to me, music that talks to my mood in that specific moment. You can find inspiration everyday, as long as you’re open to it!

What do you think wall art can bring to a home?
A lot! Art gives soul to a room!

What do you have on your own walls at home?
Every time I make new art pieces I put them up in my house to test them and feel their effect in the room! So most art in my house is my own, and it changes regularly.


Collaboration with Printler

I think Printler is a great way to reach new people and I also really like that every artist only has a limited nr of art pieces! In that way every artist’s page doesn’t get overwhelming - you only see the curated collection. Plus I really like the people at Printler! :)

– Linnea Frank

Some of Linnea's art