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Marcus Cederberg

Printler x Marcus Cederberg

"My motivational radar is always on."

Artist Marcus Cederberg

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Who is Marcus?

I'm a photographer whose interest in photography was awakened at an early age: my father was a journalist and photographer - so I grew up more or less in darkrooms, developing analogue images and often carrying a camera with me. When the iPhone came on the market and you always had a camera at hand, my interest grew more and more. Then there was Instagram, a platform where you can interact with like-minded people all over the world - so I just couldn't stop taking pictures.

Where do you live and what do you work with?

I live in Kumla outside Örebro in Sweden and work as an IT manager for four municipalities.

How did you find creativity?

One day I was swimming with my kids where I took a rather minimalistic water reflection photo of a pair of swimming goggles hanging on the wall which I shared on Instagram. When I checked a few hours later, this picture had received more attention than all my other pictures combined! That's when my left creative side of the brain kicked in somewhere. I've probably always had an artistic and creative streak, but had never shared much of myself with others before. But as a balance to my professional life, I enjoy it and it is very important to me to use my creativity to design my pictures.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Of most things! My motive radar is more or less always on (sometimes to the great surprise of those around me when I suddenly have to stop my car or appear behind a container). I've often photographed the TV when a subject caught my eye, for example in an advertisement... I also get inspiration in a more traditional way, from other photographers and artists, where Instagram, my main platform, is a great source of inspiration.

What do you think wall art can bring into a home?

Unlike Instagram, which is more about catching someone's attention and standing out from the crowd, wall art is something that lasts for a longer period of time. I believe that wall art in general can bring all sorts of emotions into a home - I've often received feedback that my paintings are considered calming yet interesting.

What do you have on the walls at home?

It's a bit mixed - mostly photo art and then some of my own photos...

Working together with Printler

Printler is one of my favorite partners because they are both very professional in terms of service and contact and also have high quality products at good prices. It seems like a very crowded market, but I think Printler leads the market because they can adapt quickly, listen to what artists want and make us photographers stand out. I look forward to seeing Printler continue to grow internationally!

- Marcus Cederberg


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