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Sanna Wieslander

Printler x Sanna Wieslander

"My inspiration comes from encounters with people, different personalities and emotions."

Watch Sanna talk about her art on Printler.

Playful and imaginative characters become fantastic wall art

Sanna Wieslander lives in Skövde and works as an illustrator and artist. We met up at Sanna's home to ask a couple of short questions about her creations.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
I am inspired by encounters with people, different personalities and emotions. And also gets a lot of inspiration from nature. I love being in the woods and walking, it is often where I get time to think and reflect. Recharge my energy and where new ideas come to life.

What do you think wall art can bring to a home?
To me, wall art is very important. It really lifts a room and can make it feel much more personal and cozy. Whether you want it a little clean and stylish, or cozy and fluffy.

What do you have on the walls at home?
I have a lot of art at home. Among other things, two large picture walls. Where I mix graphic motifs with abstract art, children's drawings, old photos and then some of my own motifs of course!


Collaboration with Printler

I have chosen to work with Printler because it feels safe, flexible and professional. Instead of sending everything myself, I know that my motives are in safe hands and sent with care to the customers. So that I can focus on what I think is fun. To be able to create all day!

– Sanna Wieslander

Some of Sanna's art