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Arijana Heinrici

Arijana Heinrici is one of the decorators we have worked close with in the recent years and she has been nominated as one of Sweden's most influential decorators. Jana's energy and joy touches everyone around her. She has a high tempo and things really start to happen when she is around!

7 quick questions with Arijana

For those who have not met you before, can you tell me about yourself and what you work with?
I am an entrepreneur and, together with husband Fredrik, run three different companies. Working as an influencer has also become a major part of my work today.

What's the best part about your job?
If I choose the profession as an interior designer, it's primarily to see other people like what I do. It was extra fun last spring when the Swedish people voted me as one of the top five interior designers in Sweden.

Can you tell me a little about this project?
Today I work very close with the construction company Åke Sundvall. I really like them and share the same values as they do, and therefore I love all our projects together with Åke Sundvall. Since I live in Uppsala, the Knäckepilen project lies a little closer to my heart. An incredibly nice area in Salabacke.

Interior collaboration with Åke Sundvall

How did you thinking when styling this project?
The apartment is really nice and very bright. Large open spaces between the living room and kitchen makes it easy to hang out. I wanted to bring in very earthy & neutral shades and wooden details, which I managed to achieve.

Where do you find interior inspiration?
I look and think about decor every day. Haha almost so much I get dizzy sometimes. Travel, nature, Instagram and Pintrest is where I find most of my inspiration. I like to change the decor as it is. What I mean to say is maybe just move some things around, change their location. Little fixes that make things feel like new, even though it might just be a pot that has been moved in the kitchen that now fits the living room. Interior decorating shouldn't be so complicated. You can make a big difference by moving the things ju have and combining them in new ways, do what feels right for you and what you think looks good. 

How have you thought about selecting these prints?
Choosing from Printler is not always easy. I want everything. Haha, no but joking to aside, Printler truly has something for everyone. I also went for neutral colors here but I wanted to add more color in some rooms as the decor was quite subtle. So I landed with something red.

Do you have any favorite print and why?
Oh, it's hard to choose one favorite when I have chosen many. I don't think it would be fair since I'm constantly changing my mind. But if I have to choose one, I think it's the retro camera.

I think it's because my own camera is stuck to my hand, so I think my Olympus reminds me very much about of this print;)

Arijanas choices