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Erik Josefsson & Karin Ljung

Meet Erik and Karin, two friends and colleagues who work as interior designers. They work on styling for the sale of apartments and houses at a larger interior company in Gothenburg called Intro. We have been following them as they are styling a whole house in Gothenburg.

Five quick questions with Erik and Karin

Can you tell us who you are and what you work with? 
We are two friends and colleagues that work as interior designers. We style and decorate apartments and houses that are for sale at a larger interior company in Gothenburg called Intro. Other than working, we like to spend time with our friends and family and traveling. And a trip can involve everything from a day trip to cozy interior shops and flea markers as well as long trips abroad with both sun, swimming and other adventures.


Can you tell us briefly about this assignment?

Since we've styled a house for the sellers earlier, we got the opportunity to help them with this house as well. Helping returning and satisfied customers is something that is extra fun. The sellers have renovated the house from scratch and we were involved throughout the process and gave tips and advice during the whole renovation process. Even though the house is now completely renovated and beautiful, it is difficult as a potential buyer to get a feel of the house as it was completely untouched. Hence we styled the whole house, from top to toe so that each room would have a lovely and functional feel. We want to show the full potential of the house.

Is there any difference in how you work when you style a house versus an apartment?
No not really. It is the same process we go through with meetings, planning, packing and styling. The difference is probably the fact that there are more rooms to work with, which means that we need to find a bit more from our side when you have to find different things for every rooms and still give the house a cohesive feel, for all kinds of potential buyers with children in different ages. 

How did you choose these specific prints?
We wanted motives that matched the feeling of the house in the different rooms. In the living room, we initially knew that we wanted to make a gallery wall with nice neutral motifs in a uniform color scheme that go well together. Since the whole house has bright wooden floors and white walls, we have also tried to choose prints with warmth and color to the other rooms, to make sure that the house didn't feel cold and sterile with just a grayscale.


Which of the rooms were you most pleased with and why?
We think the results turned out really well, with a good harmony throughout the house. The open plan solution with a half-staircase up to the living room and kitchen is wonderful. So this room is an obvious favorite, we are especially pleased with the gallery wall that you see when you enter and holds the entire room together, which can sometimes be difficult in large open spaces. We are also particularly pleased with the children's room on the upper floor. Here you can find built-in shelves underneath the sloping roof and a cozy little hide-out h in the corner. The room feels very spacious, cozy and inviting.