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Printler x Sarah Rautell

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I've always had to express myself creatively in some way and grew up among people who were good at crafts."


Artist Sarah Rautell

Sarah, tell us a little bit about yourself - who are you?

I am a very warm and sensitive but open person who wishes to be able to help everyone around me. I grew up in Nynäshamn, a few kilometers south of Stockholm, where I also attended the arts program with a focus on dance at the Gymnasium. I've always expressed myself artistically, mainly through dance, but also through singing, music, photography and other creative things. I love to craft, design, explore. Always aiming for good with the ulterior motive, because there is no better feeling for me. Today I live with my daughter and my partner in Nacka, Stockholm and work in a second hand shop.

How did you discover your creativity?

I've always had to express myself creatively in some way and grew up among people who were gifted with crafts. My parents are both very creative and compose everything from music to amazing plantings in the garden. Personally, I got into drawing after spending a lot of time in the hospital during a very long period of illness. Drawing repetitive patterns, as I do very often today, gave me calm and relaxation back then. I rarely know in advance what a subject will represent when I pick up a pen.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Oh, that's a difficult question! I am very moody and cannot perform under pressure. You just have to have the desire to "draw something". For example, different profiles on Instagram can inspire me to draw something specific. But mostly it's just a feeling of having to create something.

What do you think wall art can bring into a home?

What you have in the house - whether it's wall art or other furnishings - reveals a little bit about the people who live there. And what appeals to her. I find that very interesting! And of course, wall art also adds coziness and a sense of personality to a home.

What do you have on your walls at home?

It's often not easy for me to make such decisions, haha! Therefore, there are actually (still) many empty walls. But I am attracted to the minimalist and very subtle art as well as photographic art! That's very nostalgic of me.

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Working together with Printler

Tell us about working with Printler.

The concept suits me PERFECTLY! I can focus on drawing and painting whenever I feel like it. And I can do it at my own pace, without having to worry about packing and shipping artworks or receiving orders and returns.

People can see my art while I can keep being creative... With my coffee cup at the table, on the phone.


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