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Anna Kubel & Jasmina Bylund

Anna and Jasmina are two childhood friends who found back to each other. They work as stylists and photographers and both run big blogs and Instagram accounts. Working on another assignment in Bogesunds castle, they have kindly helped us out and selected and photographed their favorite print from Printler. The amazing result is shown below.

Five quick questions with Anna & Jasmina

Would you be able to tell me a few things about who you are and what you work with?
We work as photographers, stylists and with our social channels!

How did you two get to know each other?
We have known each other since we were born since our parents were very close friends! They lost contact but stumbled upon again each other at a course at Danderyd almost 5 years ago!

Could you tell us a little about this job?

We have selected our absolute favorite print from Printler. It was so much fun to get the chance to choose among our favorites and compose different combinations in such lovely place!

Please tell us how you thought when you selected the prints?
We have completely gone for the followed our hearts in this one, these are the prints we fell we thinks really important to feel something for the things you hang on the wall.

Anna & Jasminas favoriter

What is the most important thing for you when choosing and decorating with art?
Just like in most of the things we do, we'll go with our gut feeling. It needs to feel right in your stomach and we think that you can immediately feel when you see a print, if you want to put it on the wall in your home or not. We don't dwell to much on which prints go well together, but we prefer to decorate prints simply in smaller sizes. The most important thing is that it feels personal!