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Printler x Amanda Ekström

Printler x Amanda Ekström


Female bodies become art that raises the self-esteem of young women

With a large following and a lot of positive response on her Instagram account @tuggmotstand, Amanda Ekström is at the forefront of body-positive art. Amanda has now developed a collection of wall art in an exclusive collaboration with Printler, the marketplace that brings together thousands of artists with you and your home.

Watch Amanda tell her story about her art on Printler.


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The art is printed on premium paper and delivered throughout Europe within 5-7 working days.

Belly creases becomes fantastic wall art

Amanda Ekström has a large following on Instagram for her body-positive art and receives thousands of positive comments. We were curious about how it all started.

How did you come to create art?
When I was younger, I never wanted to work with art, but one February day in 2017, when I worked as a substitute teacher, I found some students counting belly creases in the classroom. At the same time, they scrolled their phones and then they looked at me and said "Amanda, no one on Instagram has belly creases, only we have it."

How did you react to that?
I shook my head and went home and started to photograph my friends in the morning light when their skin creased on their stomachs. I posted the pictures on Instagram, because I knew that they (the students) followed me there and thought that it could be a counteract to everything else that can be seen, but it got very strong negative reactions.

Negative reactions?
Yes, parents called the school and said it was inappropriate. And it provoked me, because I think it's rather inappropriate NOT to show off bodies and skin that way. That we see it far too little.

What were you thinking then?
There somewhere I realized that this is what I should work with! To show bodies as they look and let shapes and lines and folds just be just shapes and lines and folds.

You have continued on that track, and are you getting a very positive response?
Yes, and I think it's because I let bodies appear in what I think is the only right way. Like the works of art they are.


Exclusive collaboration with Printler

"I'm so proud of this collection I made for Printler. I just wanted to create something I want at home myself – soft lines and colors and shapes. The collection consists of five prints – all inspired by people I like very much. One is a portrait of my own mother that will hang above the sofa and remind me of the strength that lives in our bodies – the strength that literally gave me life.

I work with Printler because they really stand for something. They are genuine and work with real artists, rather than selling mass-produced posters like many others. I am also very picky with the quality of colors and materials on the prints."


Buy Amandas art!

The art is printed on premium paper and delivered throughout Europe within 5-7 working days.

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