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Art Deco posters & Art Prints

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Art Deco posters & Art Prints

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Stylish Art Deco Art Prints and posters

Add some luxury to life with Art Deco posters and Art Prints! Who doesn't get a happy kick from shiny metals, velvety colors, and grandiose patterns? Let's start by agreeing that we all both need and deserve a dash of luxury, flair, and elegance at home, it's about treating yourself. That's why a pinch, or maybe a fistful, of Art Deco in both art and interior design make us feel so good - Art Deco really breathes luxury, glamor and extravagance. In our Art Deco posters the style and feel is emphasized by the symmetry, the decorative details and the rich color palette that runs from emerald green to deep burgundy, navy blue, gold and contrasting black. The result is the most lovely ambiance that feels sophisticated, exclusive and unique.

What is Art Deco?

Art Deco is thus a wonderfully glamorous and eclectic style in interior design, art and architecture that arose in the 1920s. The saturated colors, bloated patterns and pompous material choices began to sprout as a counter-reaction to the functionalist stripped-down style dominating at the time. The term Art Deco comes from the French art décoratif, which also reflects the importance of emphasizing the beautiful over the practical. The style was modern and forward-looking – influences and motifs from the Orient, ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome mixed the traditional with the new and industrial style of the present.

Okay, so if you wanna go all-in Art Deco and match your posters with the decor, think something like a bulging, ruby ​​red velvet sofa, thick rugs, gold details, large mirrors and symmetrical, large patterned wallpaper in contrasting colors... But well, there's no need to go all the way if you don’t feel like it, it actually looks really nice to bring in art and posters with Art Deco as a contrasting detail in a more clean, Scandinavian and stripped-down interior style too. It makes a contrast, softens and makes the overall mood more alive and personal. Art déco – yummy for all of us who’s getting excited over glamor and luxury, n'est-ce pas?