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Botanical posters

Botanical posters

Discover dreamlike posters with botanical motifs

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Discover dreamlike posters with botanical motifs

Flowers never go out of style! As a refreshing splash of color, a romantic detail or a majestic leading lady, they deserve a place in our home decorations - especially on our wall art. They always fill the entire room with their natural beauty and elegance. Posters with botanical motifs can easily create a very pleasant atmosphere. Art prints are either a great alternative to vibrant flowers, or the companion partner for them. Without any extra work.

Green, in all its nuances, is a really beautiful colour. But we also like pink, red and blue... oh wait, there are flowers in every colour! Especially when the motif was created by our passionate photographers and artists. On this page, you will find vibrant posters of: roses, violets, leaves and plants that will add to the atmosphere of every room in your home. 

By the way, you can hang your flower posters on an edge, similar to drying real flowers - Thanks to our clever poster clamps, they will fall on your wall and they can easily be exchanged as well. Our minimalist frames, emphasize the high-quality surface of the art prints particularly well.