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Designs hand-picked by Printler

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Designs hand-picked by Printler

We hand-pick images with "that little extra something" from our thousands of photographers and artists and present them in this category. Are you looking for high quality, artistic images? Do you want to buy posters that you won't find hanging in just any home? If so, you'll find what you are looking for right here.

Dare to create a unique and personalized home

Our photographers and artist update their print shops with new images on a daily basis and we look at everything that comes in. Thanks to our knowledge and feeling for what fits when you're decorating a home and what works as wall art, we pick the images that we consider to be extra artistic. In this category you can find wall art and prints of consistently high quality. If you choose art from this category you are guaranteed to be among the first to buy them, because we are constantly updating them.

Selected by Printler

We are constantly updating our knowledge when it comes to trends in wall art as well as furnishings. This is so that customers and interior designers can feel secure when choosing wall art. We look forward to keeping you up-to-date with stylish and modern art. We go through our categories, such as fashion, architecture and nature, on a daily basis. "