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Posters and prints online – lots of names for the same thing

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With our wide range of modern wall art, we invite you on an explorative journey into the world of art! All of our prints are available in the following sizes: 21x30 (A4), 30x40, 50x70 and 70x100. Together with our tasteful wooden frames, they can be combined into lovely and personal gallery walls to decorate your home. The same motifs can be customized to suit the kitchen counter, the wall behind the sofa or your gallery wall. We have sorted all the wall art into categories such as black & white, portraits, artistic, architecture, etc. You can also find local photographers and artist and specific subjects by searching for the photographer's or artist's name or by searching in the locations and cities category.

We want to make it easy for you

We're very happy with and proud of our wide range but it's also a challenge to present everything clearly. We want to help you find what you're looking for, whether you're a customer, a decorator or an interior designer. Our best tips are to first ask yourself the question: what kind of wall art do I want at home? Am I creating a gallery wall? Or perhaps just hanging one or two prints next to each other? What inspires me and what interior style feels right for me? Once you know the answers to these questions, you can either click on our categories above or use our search function to find local wall art from local photographers and artists.

Affordable and great value At Printler, we print using exclusive paper!

Our paper is heavyweight, matte and environmentally certified. But you get much more than that for your money. You are also paying for a piece of art. Photographers and artists defy the weather to capture images that are meant to have an emotional effect. We offer posters and limited prints, but whatever you choose, your purchase is a great value. It creates value for you because you can choose and customize your picture, but also for the photographer and artist, who gets your appreciation and attention."