Black and white posters & framed photo art

Black and white is an easy choice for those who want to decorate in a stylish and trendy Scandinavian style. These prints are easy to match with other furnishings, and they fit perfectly into a wall art collage or gallery wall.

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Timeless prints, prints and posters in black and white

A black and white image is a safe choice

When photography was invented, all images were black and white. Negatives could only record light in a spectrum from black to white. Since then, black and white photos and art have decorated homes, restaurants, hotels and offices for centuries. A stylish frame and possibly a passepartout give the photograph a classical and historical feel. On a gallery wall, a pair of black and white photo posters fulfil a clear role. They are easy to combine to make wall art collages and gallery walls, as there are no colours that might clash with one another. The decor style will be clean and elegant, imparting to your home a sense of deep calm.

When trendy meets timeless

Black and white wall art has hung in the world's homes for centuries, but now they are trendier than ever. It's cool when a trendy decor style is juxtaposed with a timeless detail like a black and white image."