Botanical Posters & Framed Photo Art

Our botanical category is filled with artistic posters & prints that feature photos and art of flowers and plants. Create a living home with botanical wall art.

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Prints and posters of plants and flowers

Pottering among flowers and green plants

Who doesn't love flowers? Roses, violets and peonies. Pink, white and blue. Create a romantic home with floral posters and prints from our talented photographers and artists. Also suitable for a summer cottage or at the farmhouse when you want to add some extra romance or create a tranquil atmosphere. If you have a rural interior style or strive for harmony through the principles of feng shui, our botanical prints are the obvious choice.

Hang the flowers up "to dry"

Just like when you dry real flowers, your flower images will be hanging on the wall. A good tip is to choose our elegant silver clamps. That way, you get a feel for the stylish matte paper and its natural surface. Botanical prints obviously look best on natural matte paper.