Graphical art

Here is the category we’ve all been longing for - graphic art, illustrations, and painted art. Decorating with graphic arts can often give a room a unique and personal expression. It is the perfect way to create a unique home, by mixing graphical art along with photo art to create interesting and varied gallery walls.

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Illustrations, graphical and painted art

We have graphic prints in lots of different styles. Both more modern prints with stylish geometric shapes, but also colorful prints painted with different techniques. No matter if you want a more handmade expression, created on paper with a pencil or looking for something created in digital, you'll find it here. The motifs are printed on a thick, matte, environmentally certified paper with a structure that gives the motives a exclusive feel. Give your home a trendy and modern touch by decorating with art that means something to you and reflects your personality. Even if you're looking for a more classic expression, you'll find it here too. Choose from minimalistic illustrations or colorful detailed motifs. Take a look at our inspiration page to find inspiration on how you can combine graphic and illustrated art with photo art.