Framed photo art for children and for children's rooms

Check out our delightful selection of posters and prints for children's rooms! Shop for your own children or as a birthday present or christening present.

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Prints & Posters and framed photo art for children's rooms

Even the kids love wall art

Most of us probably have memories of childhood when we looked and looked at wall art displays and prints at home or at our grandparents' houses. So why not give your children or someone else's children the same experience? Shop for delightful, cool, cute children's posters for your son or daughter's room. Our posters are available in sizes 21x30 cm, 30x40 cm, 50x70 cm and 70x100 cm, and you can add a frame or a pair of clips so your prints are ready to hang up as soon as you have them in your hands!

Environmentally certified and unbreakable

We print all our products on environmentally certified paper. This is genuine paper made of pulp without any blend of plastic or synthetic fibres. Our frames are made with acrylic glass instead of plain glass, which is ideal for a kid's room. The picture becomes unbreakable and very light, which is perfect for a room where there are both footballs and bows & arrows!