Posters & Framed Photo Art – Nature

Here you will find a wide range of photos and art of natural settings, which will give your home a sense of calm and harmony. Forest, sea and stunning scenery.

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Beautiful prints with nature photos, forest, and sea

Bring nature into your living space when you decorate your home

For a few million years, man lived alongside nature without any walls or ceilings. It's no wonder that posters and framed wall art with pictures of jungles, rocks, waves, flowers and trees appeal to us so much. It's no wonder that we want to make them such a significant part of our home decor. Where do you want to spend your time? In the woods, at the beach, in the meadows? You can search through our nature category if you want to find an image of your favourite spot in the natural world. Hang a large 70x100 or 50x70 framed nature print in the living room or build an inspiring collage of small nature wall art of 30x40 and 21x30 in your bedroom.

Framing nature

To make it easy for you to create your gallery wall, we have lovely, fashionable wall art frames in black or white. The frames are wooden, simply painted black or white and instead of glass we have chosen acrylic glass so that the picture is light enough to ship and to hang up. The frames are adapted to our poster sizes so you do not have to worry about whether or not it will fit."