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Automotive Cologne

Cologne, Germany

Who we are
2 creative minds from Cologne.
One young - one young at heart.
Both with petrol in their blood.

// Although, or perhaps BECAUSE, with a 35-year age difference, we grew up with completely different vehicle dreams, we find the most exciting perspectives in each car.

Volker Dreuw (born 1994)

Already at a young age, he developed a feeling for perspectives and picture compositions through painting and drawing.

His enthusiasm for motor sports and cars was founded by Formula 1 heroes like Michael Schumacher, trade magazines and model making. All of this provided inspiration for high-horsepower motifs and even her own designs. After studying media in Cologne, today it's photography. But it was always clear:
"when i'm big, i want to do something with cars."
The artistic view from painting, the creative exploration of unusual perspectives and the modern know-how from his studies determine his style in photography.

Jürgen Schmitz (born 1960)

In the Superbike paddock of the 80s chatting with Kevin Schwantz, in 1999 as a cameraman behind the TV camera recording the legendary rollover of Peter Dumbreck's Mercedes in LeMans and in the Audi Quattro pointing the telephoto lens at Walter Röhrl's wild feet...
Even when motorsport was still raw and dangerous, Jürgen Schmitz was right in the middle of it. First as a cameraman and filmmaker, today as a sports director for television. At the same time, automotive photography is a balance to the hectic everyday life in the media world.
His high level of technical knowledge, combined with the meticulousness that is indispensable as a sports director, has allowed him to mature into a photographer whose extraordinary images impress in composition and perspective.

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