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At Printler, we help people discover a world of photo art and make it easy to order and hang the products they find most appealing. We work with well-established photographers as well as undiscovered ones, all of whom want to reach out to more people with their photo art. Are you ready to join our community?

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Create your own gallery

When you register with us, you can create an art gallery to display your best images. Your gallery is like your own e-store where our customers can find and buy your images in the form of pictures and posters. We do a quality check on your first images to ensure that they meet our standards regarding technological specifications and subject matter. Once you have had your first 3 photos approved, you can go on to manage your gallery yourself. We want as many photographers as possible to release their work via Printler!

You own your pictures and get 30-50% commission on the sale

To make it easy for photographers, it is free to register and sell your pictures with us. As a newly registered photographer you will get 30% of the profit from print sales and 40% from limited print sales. The profit is the consumer price minus VAT, production and package. Photographers that sell good might get upgraded and given 10% more on both regular and limited prints. You own the rights to your pictures, but we require the right to print them in 50x70 format and larger formats. This is simply because we need to be able to offer our customers designs that they cannot find elsewhere. FAQ for photographers  

FAQ for photographer

Sell your photos as interior decoration

Printler is not an image agency or a portfolio. Printler is an e-commerce website. Our customers buy prints and framed photo art that they will hang in their homes, offices or other environments. Keep interior decor in mind when creating your gallery.


You will be paid via PayPal

When you sell prints through us, we pay you once a month, provided you have accumulated at least SEK 1000 (approx. €100) in fees. If you have not reached SEK 1000 (approx. €100), the money remains in your Printler account until you reach the threshold and we can pay you. You can see your balance in your admin. We deposit the money into your Paypal account.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are you looking for information regarding your gallery, membership or payouts? Here you'll find a list of the most frequently asked questions from our photographers

FAQ för fotografer

Increase your sales

To boost your sales, start by sharing your gallery in social media. Spread the word by friends, followers, family and co-workers. Add your gallery link to your Instagram bio and Facebook profile.

Share your gallery

Make it easy to find your work

Printler has a couple of thousand registered photographers. To make it easy for people to find your photos and your gallery, its important to add relevant information regarding your photos. Add tags, descriptions, geotags in both your native language and in English

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