Can you feel it? posters & prints by Sandra Linnell

Poster: Can you feel it?

One Saturday morning on my way to the bakery I felt it. That feeling that happens when all you want to do is to touch spring.

Product description
This botanical print quickly became a top seller at Printler. The beautiful white sprouts together with Sandra Linnell's own hand creates an interesting yet calming combination and composition. The title says quite a lot, don't you think? You can almost touch the feeling of spring in this beautiful photography. Soft light and pleasant paste colours makes it into av very nice interior detail too. This poster or framed photo art print fits well into the living room or bedroom or why not in the country house or in the summer cabin? Frame it and hang along with a couple of other floral posters or prints to create a matching gallery wall full of beautiful flowers, herbs and plants. Than you wont hardly have to go outside any more. Except if your missing the lovely smell of flowers of course

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Print on demand on an exclusive 230 gram thick paper. The surface is matte and the paper certified to meet environmental demands. White margins (when chosen) measure 2 cm for the 21x30 cm print, 3 cm for 30x40 cm, 4 cm for 50x70 cm and 5 cm for the largest 70x100 cm print.

Photographic print
Print on demand on a high quality paper from Hahnemühle. The print is laminated which creates a really nice and UV friendly surface. The print is then mounted on a foam board and framed in black or white wooden frame made in Sweden.

Printler Fine Art

Print on demand on Hahnemühle Fine Art Photo-Rag 308 gram paper. The paper has a little structure, is made of 100 % cotton and will last at least 200 years. The print is mounted in a grey and black quality frame with a white distance between the image and the glass. We use art glass which doesn't reflect.

Wooden frame and plexi glass
A clean and classsy wooden frame in black or white. The plexiglass makes it very light and unbreakable. Remember to remove the protective film on each side of the plexiglass when you mount your poster. Thickness: 16 mm.
Depth: 16 mm.

Silver coloured clips
Our elegant silver clips are perfect for hanging our thick matte posters without damaging the paper. Order a 2-pack if you want clips only at the top of the poster, or a 4-pack if you want clips both top and bottom of the poster. The clips are 32 mm for our smaller posters and 57 mm for the bigger ones.

Smart wall hooks

Our bold wall hook is developed in Sweden and works with every type of framed art and walls used for art and photos. The unique shape provides an amazing flexibility and they can be mounted fast and easy even if the surface is really tough. All you need is a hammer and they work for every kind of frame and wall.

  • Super fast mounting
  • There's no need to drill or skrew
  • Barely leaves any marks on the wall


Delivery time
All of our products are delivered by DHL within 2-4 working days. You will get a text message from DHL when you can collect your art from your nearest DHL facility.

Print on demand
Since we print everything on demand we want you to contact us as soon as possible if you have any regrets about your order. For posters and accessories we accept returns up until 14 days of purchase. Contact us as soon as possible if you wish to cancel an order. Fine art prints are always specially produced with your specific instructions and therefor they are not included in the return policy.

You always get to option to get your prints with our without a white margin. The outer measurements are always the same (21x30 , 30x40, 50x70 or 70x100) but the image measurements will decrease when you add a white margin.  


Outer measurements: 21x30 cm
Image measurements: 17x26 cm
White margin: 2 cm

Outer measurements: 30x40 cm
Image measurements: 24x34 cm
White margin: 3 cm

Outer measurements: 50x70 cm
Image measurements: 42x62 cm
Vit marginal: 4 cm

Outer measurements: 70x100 cm
Image measurements: 60x90 cm
Vit marginal: 5 cm


Outer and image measurements: 21x30 cm

Outer and image measurements: 30x40 cm

Outer and image measurements: 50x70 cm

Outer and image measurements: 70x100 cm