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Christoph Schäfer

50354, Germany

"If you wake up every morning wanting to write books, then you are a writer" - this quote from Woopi Goldberg from the film "Sister Act" is proverbial for me.

Even as a small boy I spent hours sitting in my room in the best weather, painting representational "oil hams". Whether this has something to do wi...

th my genes has never been proven, but probably such a desire or such a talent is really in the deepest "I" of a person. It is possible that my great-uncle Christoph Müller (a well-known portrait and landscape painter in the Koblenz area at the beginning of the 20th century) indirectly passed on parts of his talent to me.

Images and visual stimuli are my life, since early childhood. I lost the leisure and calm for representational painting very early on through the discovery of photography for my involvement with pictures.

Fascinated by the first attempts to develop black and white pictures myself, the passion for photography as an art and form of representation was firmly installed in me at the age of 12. The desire to learn everything about colour, form and photography was clearly defined.

After a "normal" vocational training, I did photographic design and colorimetry in Cologne with Professor Dr. Magloire and Prof. Wedwardt and successfully completed this course in 1996 in the field of photo engineering. In addition to photography as a creative form of expression, painting has accompanied me since my childhood to this day.

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