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Gotowe galerie obrazów - Najpiękniejsze kombinacje plakatów

Inspiracje na galerię obrazów


Czujesz się nieco przytłoczony głębią online'owej galerii sztuki Printler? Nie jesteś pewien, które style czy rozmiary sztuki połączyć? Mamy dla Ciebie rozwiązanie z naszymi niesamowitymi, gotowymi Galeriami Obrazów. Zainspiruj się poniższymi przykładami lub po prostu zakup swoje idealne, gotowe zestawienie. Nie myśl o galeriach obrazów tylko jako o zbiorze ramek, postrzegaj je jako mozaikę twoich pasji, zainteresowań i inspiracji. Postrzegaj je jako artystyczne rozszerzenie siebie.

Możesz połączyć śmiałe pociągnięcia pędzla abstrakcyjnego obrazu z zawiłą strukturą motywów Bauhausu lub mocne kontrasty czarno-białej fotografii. Nie ma ograniczeń, z galeriami obrazów możesz opowiedzieć własną artystyczną historię. A piękno tego wszystkiego polega na tym, że każda biała ściana w twoim domu jest niezapisanym płótnem. Niezależnie od tego, czy jesteś zainteresowany stworzeniem tego idealnego, przytulnego kącika w salonie czy chcesz wnieść życie do swojej kuchni. Printler ma dla Ciebie rozwiązanie! Ciesz się wolnością mieszania, dopasowywania i zabawy z rozmiarami i stylami!


Przeczytaj nasz poradnik o galerii obrazów


Gallery Wall: Pale

This poster pair strikes the perfect balance of indoor harmony and just a hint of nature. Creating a peaceful and elegant gallery wall will have an effect for every wall. The delicate shades of pastel tones blend seamlessly together, creating a harmonious and soothing effect. The subtle hues of pale blue and green bring the necessary tranquility into your home. This pale gallery wall makes the perfect addition to any living room, bedroom or any other space in need of a calming touch.


Gallery Wall: Retro & Vintage

Add a touch of nostalgia to your home with our retro and vintage poster pair. These posters will transport you back in time with their bold, graphic designs and vintage color palette. The unique designs are inspired by the retro and vintage era, evoking feelings of nostalgia and creating a one-of-a-kind look in your room. Whether you're looking to create a focal point in your living room, add a touch of nostalgia to your bedroom, or create a conversation piece in your office, our retro and vintage gallery wall is the perfect choice.


Gallery Wall: Architecture

Elegant stairs in two different shapes and styles. These two classic, horizontal architecture posters form a timeless black & white poster pair. This gallery wall is a great way to showcase your love for architecture, photography and design and is perfect for any room. It can be your living room, office or bedroom. The timeless appeal of black and white photography will complement any existing decor.


Gallery Wall: Linnea Frank - The guardians

My house is my castle. And these two guardians protect it. The pair "The Guardians" by Swedish artist Linnea Frank in a powerful gallery wall. Abstract art in beige golden colours and Art Deco style. The attitude of the sisters and roman warriors is proud and inspires with their strength and femininity. Always ready to fight for you. So who could be a better protector of your home as this strong gallery wall pair? 


Gallery Wall: Romance

Feel the love in your living room. This elegant romantic gallery wall harmonises the room and creates a blissful atmosphere where you want to spend time. The gallery wall with its soft pastel colours, evokes feelings of love, romance and emotional security. The unique designs of this poster pair create a warm and intimate atmosphere in your room. 


Gallery Wall: Modern

Bring a modern and elegant touch to your home with this gallery wall. The black & white motif blends well with any classic style and bring both modern and contemporary art into your home. The poster pair contains clean lines, geometric shapes, and minimalistic designs. Setting up this gallery wall will bring clarity and timeless elegance into your living room or office. 

1.jpg (8)

Gallery Wall: Black & White

Nothing beats the combination of timeless class of black & white wall art with the elegance of poster pairs. Setting up a black and white gallery wall is perfect investment to bring a stylish touch to your home. This gallery wall features the beauty of nature. A game with lights and shadows which makes us focus on the true essence of this pair and the true art in your living room. 


Gallery Wall: Coffee is a fruit

Did you know that coffee is a fruit? Coffee beans are actually seeds from the red cherry-like mushroom coffee. Now you can shop posters and paintings from May-Britt Schwasta. With this gallery wall her goal is to visualize that coffee is actually a fruit. Bring the smell of coffee with this poster pair into your kitchen and create an eyecatcher on your kitchen wall. 


Gallery Wall: Blue kids room

Being a kid is hard work. Every day is an adventure for them so they require a lot of energy. Make sure your kids get the rest they deserve so that they can tackle each day with fresh excitement. Our blue gallery walls are a peaceful and dreamy touch to your kid's bedroom


Gallery Wall: Eriks Bedroom Erinterior

Searching for a gallery wall for your bedroom. Look no further! This collage was chose by Erinterior. It's got our vote and the vote of a true professional. SO, what are you waiting for?


Gallery Wall: Teak

The colours of this teak poster pair blends perfectly with any wall. It places a beautiful accent on your room in a subtle way. Tasteful and timeless.


Gallery Wall: Colour for the home office

Add a motivating and inspiring touch of colour to your home office. Your home office where you need to find motivation and creativity. Take a break from the hard work by admiring colourful wall art and return to your work with inspiration and passion.

51487 73094 73407 36395 29124 1 1

Gallery Wall: Sober shades of self-love

Soft, matching colours with a strong message. Just be you - whoever you are! And the first step is to be comfortable with yourself and your personal style. Especially within the comfort of your own home.

Kids Room 74656 75453 75517 1X1

Gallery Wall: Love is in the air

"Love is in the air, everywhere I look around" You just have to look carefully. At the wall, for example. A combination of playful graphic details and cute children's book illustrations spread a loving vibe in the children's room.

Kids Room 74999 75521 74729 75086 1X1

Gallery Wall: Dream Big

Even the youngest have the biggest dreams. Good to remind them that anything is possible with some well-chosen kid prints. Marvel at these cute animals. It's a beautiful gallery wall with animal posters and a balloon motif in pastel tones that will make them dream big.

82798 82796

Gallery Wall: Tender ease

Dress up your walls with a matching pair of posters that inspire peace & tenderness. A timeless poster pair for your home.

72882 72883

Gallery Wall: Turquoise breeze

This is the signal for you to finally add that classy pair of posters to your wall. Why this one? Look at the harmony of the colours, the wavy line work that inspires dreams. The real question is: how could you not?

Texture Beige Pair

Gallery Wall: Textured Beige

An elegant timeless poster combination that pair together beautifully. A texture layer of depth and beautiful beige colours.

Tavelvägg 73679 74103 61857 75206 68563 67563 75314 1X1

Gallery Wall: Your better half

What is it like to find yourself in pictures? Just like looking at this wall. Kind of powerful. On this beige-brown gallery wall, the works of a wide variety of artists come together.

Printlerpair Miljö 07

Gallery Wall: Kahlo & Lennon

Why not Kahlo and Lennon together on a wall? The artist Gabriella Roberg from northern Sweden deals with many different types of art. But we find her digital illustrations particularly exciting.

61857 61433 1X1

Gallery Wall: Dark meets light

A match made in heaven – sometimes a few lines are enough to create strong feelings. This high-contrast and at the same time harmonizing poster pair with line art makes an elegant and romantic impression on every wall.

Boris 75073 75110 75114 75113 1X1

Gallery Wall by Boris Draschoff

Fascinatingly minimalistic with a pinch of humour - we really can't get enough of the gallery of Berlin artist Boris Draschoff. We've put together some of our favourites in a gallery wall.

76717 64579 (1)

Gallery Wall: Sparkling sweet

Refreshingly Fizzy - This pair of posters is practically crying out for the more creative drinks and social evenings! A gallery wall with motifs by Maarten Léon.

65423 80496 67778 60171 1X1

Gallery Wall: Soft lines of love

Simple, moving, harmonious - the creative passion of a wide variety of artists merges into an inspiring overall picture. A beautiful gallery wall with a mix of line art, abstract art and graphics in soft tones of white, beige and black.

Printlerpair Miljö 06

Gallery Wall: Hills

The abstract artwork "Hills" by Gothenburg artist Irina Balog depicts the colorful natural spectacle of a sunrise. It's one of our most popular poster pairs, as you might imagine.

80455 80450

Gallery Wall: Wild & Carby

Seduction comes in different forms... pasta or tequila? This gallery wall is definitely hard to resist. Funny posters with sayings for the kitchen or dining room.

33651 78512

Gallery Wall: S’il vous plaît

Oysters and champagne, s'il vous plaît! Elegant kitchen posters that give not only a touch of elegance but also soul to the heart of the home. We toast: to creative cooking and social gatherings!

48525 79531

Gallery Wall: Breezy light

Beautiful posters in soft tones that create a relaxed and restful atmosphere in your home. Fits in the bedroom just as well as the simple living room.

62378 24068 1 1

Gallery Wall: Let it flow

The splendour of the autumn colours and the fresh air drive away gloomy thoughts. Suddenly everything is possible. Call it a new beginning or the end of an odyssey - it's a sentiment you'll want on your wall!

30615 36491

Gallery Wall: Green & cheerful

A natural interplay of fresh green and warm orange. The contrast between the lively apple tree and the untameable southern French plant gives dynamism and liveliness to the expression.

Kitchen Wall 53714 32728 53126 1X1

Gallery Wall: Good stuff

Good stuff - Kitchen Gallery wall: Wine & coffee - Nothing but good stuff for the most culinary room of your home. Inspirational still life for food lovers. A picture wall that fits your kitchen thematically and harmonises the room.

93638 93639 1X1

Gallery Wall: Curves

Twice as beautiful! 🙌🏽 Sofia Larsson's abstract swirls create life and dynamics. Side by side. Turn them in the direction you think is best, because nothing is right or wrong with such awesome art prints.

90460 88365 (1)

Gallery Wall: Fuck this shit

Just a sweet reminder of letting things go. The very clear message ”Fuck this shit” on a bed of pink flowers, combined with a surreal swimming trip up in the air... If you like it, you like it a lot.

86459 86460 (1)

Gallery Wall: Rich Stitch & The Hustler

A dazzling duo! Pink Panther and (pink) Stitch love the limelight and we love them. If you don't already know the artist Mikael Lindgren, from now on you will never forget him – his wild play with color, shapes and established brands leaves no one indifferent.

86907 86905

Gallery Wall: Baby animals

This cute little african duo will bring a smile to every child's eyes. Complete your children's bedroom with these adorable friends and make your kids dream away to the african wildnerness. 

91968 91969

Gallery Wall: African Spirit

Bring the African spirit into your home. With its majesty, might and power, the king of the jungle will rise up on your walls. 

96358 68032

Gallery Wall: Life & death

Live a long and healthy life. Dance until dawn in a bed full of flowers - exactly how this poster pair demonstrates. 

24475 88129

Gallery Wall: The Painter

The artist & the painter. This artistic duo is for everyone who loves creativity and wants to enrich their walls with that artistic final touch. Go and show the world your inner Picasso! 

78848 79254

Gallery Wall: Pokemon Party

Gotta Catch 'Em All! Few shows have had such a big impact on so many generations as Pokémon. Each and every mysterious creature holds its own secrets and superpowers. The time has come to welcome these little childhood heroes into your home. 

Poster Pair MTV Retro

Gallery Wall: MTV Retro

Throwback to the glory days of MTV! The music, the logo and the iconic shows like Pimp My ride. Relive those nostalgic glory days with this Retro pair. A pop art rendition of Pimp My Ride and an awesome homage to the iconic logo. Release these good vibes onto your walls!

99488 94063

Gallery Wall: Looney Money Pair

We always knew that the Dagobert Duck loves money but now Bugs Bunny discovered Wall Street as well. These iconic Looney Tunes have revealed their true character. Do you also prefer bitcoins over carrots? And do you trust banks?

100473 7419

Gallery Wall: Picasso Pair

Few artists have had such a unique visual style and impact as Picasso. Besides his own works, he inspired countless other modern artists. As is the case for this wonderful poster pair that manages to mix the Picasso influence with some pop art style. A dazzling Printler Pair that deserves to be on your walls!


Gallery Wall by homebynicky

With her great passion for interior design, swedish designer Nicky from @homebynicky has designed this abstract gallery wall that fits both in your living room, bed room or brings calmness into your office space. Brush strokes in nude tones beige, white or black or more detailed Fine-Artworks: This art combination "The Perfect Poster Wall Collection" makes an eyecatcher for every wall and welcomes any guest into your home. 


"Creating the perfect poster wall takes time, and I’ve finally set the time aside. I’ve created a collection of 6 pieces that compliment each other perfectly - neutral shades with just a pop of blue combining abstract art, people and shapes." (Nicky)