Felix Steinberger

Hi Felix! Thanks for doing this intervju with us! Could you start of by telling me who you were as a child, around 7-8 years old?

I was a very active child, always in action. And I always wanted to do stuff. As a family we were outside a lot. We used to visit this huge park outside of Berlin many times and me and my brother would run around and explore everything collecting leaves and chestnuts and such

And who are you now a few decades later?

A littler wiser I hope .. but seriously.. I didn’t change that much I think. I still want to be outside all the time and explore this world, that’s why I studied geography and travel as much as I can.

Can you think of anything from your childhood that shaped you into the person you are today?
I think it was the holidays I used to go on with my family. New countries and their culture and cuisine. Also the countless days spending outside, experimenting and trying out things, like building huts in the woods, climbing trees, sleep in tents in the garden and learn how to make a campfire.

When did your interest in photography start?
I remember sitting still while my grandfather was showing old photos from his travels on a slide projector. It brings photos of lakes, mountain ranges and the ocean to my mind. My interest in photography really started when I used an old film camera back when I was like ten or eleven and started to make my first photos. I took it with me on summer holidays and tried out angles and experimented with it. Even did stuff like taking photos through sunglasses to add a certain filter.

Felixs prints

Inget resultat

I can tell by your art that you are also interested in architecture, what kind of architecture is your favourite?

Paris and the architecture from the Haussmann era I liked since I visited the city first some fifteen years ago and layed eyes on it. Although Haussmann can be seen critically today and as a cold blooded gentrifyer, the results of his urban restructuring are aesthetically pleasing. I guess I like these gründerzeit buildings in our european cities from the late 19 century. But also the mid-century-modern architecture of palm springs with these magnificent palms seem to do something with me. The place looks so graphic and pictorial, but I could go on and on. Because of my love for these plants and architecture like this I founded a community hub on instagram ( @summersunselection )

Where do you find your inspiration for your photography?

I find inspiration in nature and urban environment. I always try to bring some calm and order in my photographs when taking them. I also use social media as a source for ideas and thoughts. For example I follow Kevin Russ’s work on instagram. I find that his attempt of slow and eco friendly travel is so much better for our planet. I am not a fan of flying around the world just to take a few photos for social media. This isn’t good for anyone. I also find my inspiration in movies and tv series I watch.

Do you have any really old photos you could show us? Some of your first photo art perhaps? Or maybe some photos from your first home? And if so, can you tell us a little about the pictures?

The photos were taken in sweden on a family holiday. I think it was around the year 2000. me and my brother were swimming in the lake and being on the lake in a rowing boat. we were out all day. that was the time when I started taking photos with a camera I borrowed from my parents. I took photos of the lake, our holiday home, the plants - of everything I guess.

Which is your favorite piece from your gallery? Can you tell us the story behind it?

This is a hard question! If I’d have to decide I would probably choose ”aitutaki from airplane window” which represents a lot of the happiest memories for me so far. It was the time after finishing school and going to Australia for one year. I received my work and travel visa and flew to Sydney. I bought my first ever own car and traveled the country. Then lived in my car for the majority of the time and worked on a farm for a while that grew grapefruit and limes. After that I traveled in Australia and visited New Zealand and the Cook Islands. I took this photo minutes before the plane approached the landing pad on the little island of aitutaki.

We always ask our photographers if they could choose a celebrity to send a print to, who would it be?
Definitely Ricky Gervais, I love his humour and most of the work he has done so far!