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Jan Ove Iversen

Jan Ove Iversen was one of the first Norwegian photographers to sign up at Printler after our international launch and I was thrilled to see his artistic Printler Gallery come to life! I recently reached out to Jan Ove to get to know him better and would love to share his story with you. Happy reading! /Sven Burman, Founder of Printler

Hi Jan Ove! I’ve heard that you were born in ”Hell” is that correct?

Yup. I’m from this small village called Hell 30 minutes outside of Trondheim. The name comes from the old Norwegian word ‘Hellir’ that means rock face in English. So it’s actually describing the landscape around the village.

Could you start off by telling me who you were as a 7–8 years old?

Back then I was a happy little boy going to a countryside school and having fun with my friends. That was mainly my life. No worries at all. I loved drawing and computer games. Starting to discover my interest in various aesthetics. Not at all very good at any sports.

Photos from Jan Ove

So no sports at all?

I tried soccer for half a year. Maybe I would have stayed longer if it wasn’t for the fact that I was forced to play with the boys in the class below me in primary school. This due to me being born “the wrong year”. I’m born January 8 so I started in first grade together with the ones born the year before me.

…and who are you now?

Now I am a 39 year old man. Father of two sons. (the second one being only six months old) Working as a graphic designer in mobile apps. Living my life just outside Trondheim with an amazing view to the fjord and an equally amazing fiancée. I love the light we get right in through our big living room windows. I’m very much into various visual expressions, be it figurative drawing, abstract painting or landscape photography. I want to do it all.

Can you think of anything from your childhood that shaped you as a person?

Hmm. Difficult question. Maybe the fact that my parents took me to our cabin in the mountains every single vacation. Up there we did a lot of hiking and skiing in the beautiful areas around it. This may have triggered my love for the wild nature that still is a great source for inspiration and recreation.

You’re not only a photographer, but a ”visualist”. What does that mean
As mentioned before I am really into all (or most) kinds of visual expressions. I do photography, illustration, painting/drawing, graphical design, animation, digital, analogue and I want to do more! All these visual expressions just trigger something in me. My brain must be made for those things.

When did your interest in photography start?

My first experiments started in my early teens, I think it was. My oldest brother bought an SLR. A Ricoh. And I kind of ‘stole’ it and started playing around with it and figuring out setting shutter speeds and aperture. And my kind mom got all these arty shots developed at the local photo store. After that I have just kept shooting through the years! I still have a bunch of those early art photos in my old albums.

Could you try to describe your photographer style?
My style is very much focused on shapes, light, colours and lines — and the composition of these ingredients. More than subjects and story telling. The composition and visual expression/style is what matters most to me. So the subject can be just about anything as long as I find interesting shapes, lines, colours or light in some way. I often keep things simple and graphical in a way.

What are you decorating your own walls with at home?
The quite standard things I guess. I have some of my own paintings and photos. Along with family photos, an old technical drawing, kids’ drawings and some photo art and art prints by other (unknown) artists. I also have a beautiful old Hagström guitar on the wall from my father.

What is your personal favourite motif from your own Printler gallery?
Another hard question. I think I’ll have to choose “Used”. A photo of my old, used paint brush. A simple motif with a lot of personality where the light and colours just work very well. Simple yet complex.

Do you still use that old brush? 
It accidentally dried out quite recently actually. If it hadn’t done that I’d probably still be using it. It’s just a cheap normal brush so it wasn’t a big deal. I’m probably keeping the dried up thing though.

Hah. Who could that be … ? Maybe I would choose Her Royal Highness, Crown Princess Mette Marit! I know she is interested in art and design. I actually got to say hello to her when I was a student at The National Academy of Art in Oslo!

Lovely choice! We will try to get in touch with her Royal Highness and give her the opportunity to choose something from your gallery! Thanks for sharing your story Jan Ove!