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Maria Bergmark

Skellefteå, Sweden

> MonkeyMind Art <
Life is the greatest journey you ever will be on. I capture magical moments and thoughts of life in watercolor.

I am inspired by our landscape in Västerbotten where contrast and sharpness exist. Crystal clear white winter days and dark nights with crackling northern lights and a sky where the stars s...

hine so bright. Beautiful summer with bright summer nights and a nature that strikes in all the colors of the pallet. Every season has its magical beauty.

I have painted since I was a child but had a break from it (for to many years). I work as a graphic designer in my profession where my creative side has been satisfied. But now, since 2018, I have started painting again. I want to own my own creativity and create by MY desire and MY inspiration.

My paintings are interpreted from the viewer's eyes and I hope you find something interesting and rewarding in them.

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Love / Maria, MonkeyMind Art