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Sofia Larsson

Skövde, Sweden

My name is Sofia Larsson and I live in Skövde. Together with my partner, I run the company Artbyleolarsson (after our last names).

I have been painting since childhood and then mostly nature motifs in oil. I then took a break for many years when handball was my biggest interest, but started again about 6 years ago. After some successful openings here at home in Skövde, things took off in earnest and today I work full time as an artist.
We have now built a small studio at home in the garage and today I paint everything possible; everything from large, abstract paintings to cool and strong women but also colorful portraits.
I always paint on stretched canvases and mix techniques such as acrylic and oil, but also liquid acrylic. The latest is a cool technique where you pour out the paint and blow on it on your own, with a blow dryer or with a burner. It is incredibly effective and I absolutely love how the colors mix with each other and blend together in a way that can never be painted.

Today we take photos of most originals and print them as art prints in different sizes.

I find my inspiration from nature, random pictures I get caught up in and being in different environments and/or homes and feeling "these colors would fit here".

As a person, I am quite messy in the head, but when I paint I am one with color and shape and the hours just disappear.
It's almost like meditation. But sometimes it's even like my brain has run a marathon and I get really tired. But I love it.

I/we have the ambition to add color to the home, make art that becomes personal and unique.
At home we have a lot of paintings and our home is both welcoming and personal.

The collaboration with Printler is both exciting and fun.
It feels professional and gives me a great opportunity to reach out to more people with my art and explore new markets. Here I have chosen some of my own favorites: my cool and strong women in awesome hats and some colorful, abstract motifs. I think they are beautiful, personal and fit everywhere.

Welcome to Artbyleolarsson!

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