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Alexander Martin

Fulda, Germany

My name is Alexander Martin, 36 years old and living in Fulda. It´s hard for me to tell when exactly I got into photography.

My interest in the art goes back far into my childhood. I guess I have been in my early teenager years when I got my first camera.

I learned about photography using film.
And film was actually the reason I stopped taking pictures for a couple of years, because it was expensive to develop and I was just a kid with little resources. Nowadays with digital photography that is no issue anymore and with my first digital camera the passion came back.

Nevertheless I still use film from time to time because the old camera techniqe fascinates me.
You really have to focus on what your picture is supposed to look like while using film, but have to wait some time to see the results of your work.

Why do I do photography?
Because it´s just great to create and compose a picture that captures the stunning beauty of nature and our planet.