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Anna Vinterfall

Stockholm, Sweden

Through her mastery of color, unique composition, and imaginative narratives, Vinterfall began to expand the vernacular of photography. 
“In my photography I want to create a bridge to illusion and reality same time.
My vision , like painters and sculptors through time, was to use my camera to define the undefinable”.

The surreal images of Annas photographic series are on the border between dream and reality.
They are usually constructed from two or more individual photographs, which are combined to create one Art-piece. They are photographic sculptures that are a blend of reality and her perception.

“My camera is with me all the time.
I am a hunter searching for a perfect shot to merge. Working digitally allows me I extract the pixels. Like DNA, they carry the source of an origin but then I’m using them in a brand-new way to create something completely new.”

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