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Art approval guidelines – yes, even you should read it!

Hello amazing person about to upload your art to Printler. We know, reading a bunch of text when you just want to click your way to published art is not on your agenda, but – this is to avoid getting your art disapproved. Read the whole thing, it’s not a “terms and conditions” kind of text.


Make sure that your uploaded artwork is yours and that it is going to look amazing printed in 70x100 cm on a wall somewhere in the world.

But read👇, ok?

The basics

By uploading artwork to Printler, you assure that you are the intellectual property holder of the artwork, have the right to sell it freely and take the full responsibility for that. As a marketplace, Printler is a place for all kinds of art styles and expressions. Although, to comply with all sorts of things, we retain the right to refuse publishing of artists and artworks on the platform for any reason. Most of them are, of course, stated below.

Get your ratio right!

Since we work with standard Art Print formats, we are slaves under the physic laws of those sizes. Meaning that artworks that simply doesn’t work in the sizes we sell, for any reason, can’t be allowed. Since different sizes have a bit different ratio, your artwork will always be at least a little bit cropped in one or several of our formats. If you upload images in ratio 2:3, 3:4 or 5:7 (or the other way around for landscape artwork) and keep vital elements with some margin to the edges, it will probably be great. Square or panorama images won’t work, so do your cropping before upload.

cropping the prints

A few examples

Near-edge signatures and frames are no-goes

For the above stated reason, signatures near the edge might get cropped in the middle in some formats, and that would be a shame. Same thing with “passepartout”-looking frames. Don’t do it.

Pixels, sharpness and brightness matters

Yes, you get it. Or don’t. Art Printing is kind of an art too, but that’s why we have the experts. Too few pixels for the print to look amazing, unsharp where it’s not supposed to be, very dark art that we know won’t work printed on a matte paper, and so on. Make sure you get the quality right: The shortest side of your artwork should be at least 3650 pixels and the longest side max 10000 pixels (but make sure to keep the ratio in accordance with above).

Make sure it’s correctly rotated

This happens, it looks right on your screen, but the image data says otherwise, and the machines won’t understand your good intentions. Make sure you haven’t flipped the image with a click on your phone, use a proper image editing tool if needed.

AI explorers – this is for you!

We recognize the creative potential of AI as a tool for artists. As such, we allow the use of AI in the creation of art on our platform, as long as the uploaded artworks are the result of a collaborative process between the artist and the AI.

However, we do not allow the submission of art that has been directly generated by AI art engines without any human editing or interpretation, or artworks that we assess have AI created errors/anomalies/artifacts. We believe that true artistic expression involves the human touch and creativity, and as such, we require that all art on our platform meets these criteria.

Skewed horizons, sensor dust, weird lens flare and JPG artifacts

Can of course be amazing too, but here we get to decide if we see it as artistic expressions or just not the images that will make the cut.

Don't get toooo personal

Art is of course personal, kind of the whole thing. What we mean is that an unedited phone pic of your TV dinner or super cute cat might be very close to your heart and truly great for that reason, but maybe not considered to be art for anyone else, so maybe give it a thought before uploading it. 

Take the time to write

Yes, and this is mostly for your own sake. Titles, descriptions, tags, categories – they really, really matter for your art to end up in the right places, be seen by the google bots and what not. So make the effort, it’s going to be worth it, promise.

Last but not least; Don’t be a d*ck

Printler is all-in on human rights and we do not allow harassment of any kind, or art that is offensive based on race, sexual or gender orientation, religion, abilities etc. Just be a nice person please.

Did you read the whole thing? Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

Questions not covered? We’re ALWAYS (office hours weekdays) here to help. Just reach out to and we’ll have a Printler-employed human on the other side of that email with all the answers, hopefully.

Big love ♥️,

The Printler Team