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Take the chance to reach the whole world with your photo art. Whether you're a professional or an amateur photographer, you can become a member in a few clicks and sell your images as posters & prints. It's easy, and it's free. Sign up through PayPal To sign up you need a PayPal account. Since we make payouts through PayPal this is a necessary step. Paypal also validates what country you're registering from. Click the link to sign up through PayPal or to get a PayPal account.


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This is how Printler works

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  • At Printler you, as a photographer or artist have full control over your gallery, we protect our seller's rights and you always retain the ownership of your images and can upload and take them down whenever you want.

    When you upload an image in your gallery, you name it with a title you think is appropriate and choose the category you want the image to be in. Then you fill in the appropriate tags - the more and better the tags you choose, the more yours will be images to be seen in different searches. Our search function searches for the title, tags and description, the photographer's or artist's name and the places you geotagged as well.

    When someone purchases a print from your print-shop, the order is sent to our distributor in Luleå, who prints, packages and sends your order to the customer and you receive your share of the profit.

  • To boost your sales, start by sharing your gallery in social media. Spread the word by friends, followers, family and co-workers. Add your gallery link to your Instagram bio and Facebook profile.

  • When you sell prints through us, we pay you once a month, provided you have accumulated at least SEK 1000 (approx. €100) in fees. If you have not reached SEK 1000 (approx. €100), the money remains in your Printler account until you reach the threshold and we can pay you. You can see your balance in your admin. We deposit the money into your Paypal account.

FAQ for registration

  • As a newly registered photographer or artist you will get 30% of the profit from print sales and 40% from limited print sales. The profit is the consumer price minus VAT, production and package. Photographers or artists that have good sales may be upgraded and given 10% more on both regular and limited prints. You own the rights to your pictures, but we require the right to print them in 50x70 format and larger formats. This is simply because we need to be able to offer our customers designs that they cannot find elsewhere.

  • Wall Art prints on heavy matte paper
    Our prints are printed on sturdy, matte, 230 gram paper with an lovely, natural surface that is also environmentally certified. They look great framed, but they can just as easily be hung using clips or magnetic stripes.

    Framed Wall art prints in limited series of 10 copies
    This quality product is printed on a high end paper from Hahnemüle. The print is laminated which gives it a nice matte and UV resistant surface. It is mounted on a foam board and framed in a Swedish quality wood frame in black or white. Every single step is handled by experienced photographers.

  • We don't have any prints on stock at all, so when a customer orders a print, the order info is sent to our small print shop in the north of Sweden. The order is printed, quality assured and packed in silk paper and a poster tube (or package if the customer has also ordered frames) by hand and the delivered to the customer.

  • At Printler, we care about our photographers and artists. We provide you with the platform you need and make sure that you get your share of each sold print. You don’t need to worry about production, delivery or customer service, we take care all of those parts for you. So that you can spend your time on doing what you love, like creating beautiful wall art for instance.