These general terms and conditions apply when you as a consumer place on order via and/or and related pages (the “Website”). The agreement you are entering into is between you and Printler Group AB, 559114-9173. Contact details and other information about Printler can be found on the Website.

To order goods on the Website, you must be at least 18 years old. We reserve the right to refuse orders.


In order to make a purchase through the Website, you must accept the terms and conditions. By accepting the terms and conditions, you agree to be bound by them in their entirely. Furthermore, you confirm that you have read the applicable Privacy Policy.

All pictures on the Website should be considered solely as illustrations and we cannot guarantee that they represent an exact copy of the respective product. Further, Printler shall not be liable for any typos on the Website, such as product description errors or technical specification, incorrect prices or incorrect information regarding whether a product is in stock. Printler reserve the right to correct such errors and continuously modify and/or update information on the Website. If an incorrect price is stated for a product, Printler will notify you accordingly and wait for your approval before the order is completed. Once you have received an order confirmation from Printler, the purchase agreement is concluded.


Applicable prices are set out on the Website and specified in each order confirmation. Prices are given in Swedish kronor and are including VAT. However, prices do not include payment fees and shipping costs. These charges are set out separately. In your shopping bag you can always see the total price including VAT, if any, payment fees and shipping costs as well as the payment method available.

You can normally use all payment methods listed on the Website. However, Printler reserves the right not to offer one or more payment methods if it is not, for whatever reason, available at the time of purchase. Please note that further restrictions and conditions for payment options can be specified on the Website or occur when you are checking-out your shopping bag.


The expected delivery time is indicated in the shopping bag next to the different methods of delivery or in the order confirmation.

Uncollected shipments

A package shall be picked up at a specified delivery point. If you are going to cancel a purchase, you must return the product to Printler within the time set out in the delivery notification. Uncollected packages are not covered by the 14 days cancellation right (Sw: Ångerrätt). The package shall normally be picked-up in person with valid ID and order number. You will always get a notification that shows where and when the package is ready. Notification can be made via email, regular mail and if you have given us your mobile number, also via phone call or SMS. For packages that you do not collect and which are consequently sent back, Printler has the right to charge you a fee of 190 SEK and, if it relates to specially ordered goods that have no cancellation right, any additional costs incurred as a consequence of your failure to pick-up the package in presented manner. If you have ordered a product with a right of cancellation and then regret the purchase after we have sent out the package, you must therefore return the package according to the provisions below. Otherwise, Printler will charge you a fee of 190 SEK. Such fee covers the actual costs for Printler for handling the return. For products not covered by the right of cancellation, e.g. paintings created and framed according to your personal preferences, the actual costs may be higher. Printer reserves the right to, in addition to the original total price and the fee of SEK 190, also charge you for such additional reasonable costs.


Cancellation or exchange rights does not apply for product that has been manufactured to suit your preferences. This is the case, for example, when a photo is designed and framed based on your personal taste and requirements. Prior to order such a product you will be informed that you do not have cancellation rights. When purchasing other goods on the Website, 14 days right of cancellation applies. The cancellation period starts the day after you received the product. If the last day of the cancellation period is a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, the period is extended to the next weekday.

If you wish to cancel the purchase, you should, before the cancellation period expires, in writing notify Printler on or through the cancellation form available on the Website. You should enter your name, address and other relevant information such as order number, invoice number and/or name of the product, all so that we can identify current purchases. Alternatively, it is always possible to use the form produced by the Swedish Consumer Agency (see

If you cancel your purchase, you must then return the product to Printler within 14 days. You should pay for the shipping costs and ensure that the product is well packaged and in unused condition when delivered to Printler. Also keep in mind that you should be able to show that you have sent the product back so save the receipt on the shipment as proof.

When you cancel a purchase, Printler return the amount you have paid for the product, excluding delivery costs. Printler is also entitled to deduct an amount corresponding to the product's possible decrease in value compared to the original value of the product, if and to the extent that such reduction in value is due to the fact that you have handled the product to a greater extent than is necessary in order to determine its characteristics or function.

The refund will be made as soon as Printler receives the product or you have shown that the product has been returned, e.g. through a submission receipt. Refunds will be made to you through the same payment method used when you purchased the product or another equivalent method.


Some of Printler's goods may be subject to a warranty. Information about any warranty period or special conditions for warranties can be found on the Website or in these terms and conditions. The warranty covers only fault that was already there when you received the product and consequently not defects that is due to an accident that occurred after you received the product, you having mishandled or used the product incorrectly, or you having ignored care or maintenance instructions. The order confirmation applies as a warranty certificate.

You can submit a claim, i.e. making a complaint for any defect that is seen as an original fault as per the definition under applicable consumer protection laws. Customers who wish to submit a claim shall contact Printler and inform us about the defect. Such information should preferably be provided to or through the complaints form available on the Website. It is important that you contact Printler as soon as possible. Submitting a claim within two months of having discovered the defect is always seen as a reasonable amount of time. You have the right to submit a claim for defects that is seen as an original fault for three years.

Printler will compensate you for the shipping costs if Printler approve the complaint. Once the defective product is returned and the complaint has been approved, Printler will remedy you in accordance with applicable consumer protection laws. Printler strives for this to happen within 14 days of Printler receiving the complaint, but it may take longer depending on the nature of the fault and product. Printler reserves the right to deny a complaint if Printler does not consider it to be an original fault under applicable consumer protection laws. In all complaints handling, Printler follows guidelines from the National Board for Consumer Disputes (Sw: Allmänna reklamationsnämnden). More information can be found at and


Printler is the controller of any personal data provided and obtained in connection with your order of products on the Website or when preparing or administrating your purchase. All processing of personal data takes place in accordance with current data protection legislation. See Privacy Policy for more information about how we process personal data.


Printler may from time to time provide special offers on the Website which may have more favorable terms and conditions than those set forth in these terms and conditions, e.g. payment or extended right of cancellation. These more favourable conditions will apply as long as the campaign is active and for the specific product in question. We reserves the right to withdraw such campaigns at any time. In the event of the termination or cancellation of a campaign, these terms and conditions shall apply without any amendments. Special offers on specific products on the Website are valid only for a limited time and until a product are sold out.


If a competent court, authority or arbitration board were to find that any provision in these terms and conditions is invalid or non-enforceable, the provision in question and all other provisions shall be applicable and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law. The provisions declared invalid or which cannot be enforced will be replaced by relevant legal guidance and advice.


We reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions at any time by publishing the amended terms and conditions on the Website. The amended terms and conditions will be published on the Website and applicable to you when you have accepted the amended terms (in connection with a new purchase or when visiting the Website).


Printler is not liable for any delay caused by circumstances beyond our control, e.g. general labour disputes, extreme weather conditions, act of war, fire, lightning, terrorist attack, changes in government provision, technical problems, errors in electricity/tele/data connections or other communications, and errors or delays in services from subcontractors due to circumstance set forth above. Such circumstances shall result in relief from damages and other penalties. If such a situation should occur, we shall inform you both at the beginning and at the end of the period for the current situation. If the circumstance lasted longer than two months, both you and Printler have the right to cancel the purchase with immediate effect.


The Website, as well as all content on it, is owned by Printler or its licensors. The information is protected by intellectual property- and market legislation. This means that trademarks, company names, product names, pictures and graphics, design, layout, and information about products, services and other content may not be copied or used without the prior written approval of Printler.


Any dispute shall primarily be settled and resolved after discussions between you and Printler’s customer service department. If we fail to settle the dispute, you can submit a complaint to the Swedish National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN) to have the dispute assessed. Read more about submitting a report on the ARN website.
These terms and conditions and all issues concerning them shall be governed by and are to be construed in accordance with Swedish substantive law.

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