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We're passionate about photo art as decor and would like to show you how you can enter an incredible world full of photo art - step into this world and allow yourself to be inspired!

Meet Egil, a radio show host
with an eye for interior design

Meet Egil Farstad, radio talkshow host with a eye for interior design. Egil lives with his partner on a small island outside of Ålesund, on the coast of Norway. Egils passion for interior design began as a boy decorating Christmas trees and and although his taste has changed over time (no longer only including Christmas decor) he has a particular soft spot for Scandinavian design. Read the full interview here.



Printler Stories - Elfvinggarden meets LisaLove

In a unique video portrait, two parallell stories come together in one. Jennie Moraeus, a decorating influencer, talks about her interest for unique details and photo art and the photo artist LisaLove tells us about her passion for photography.

Shop some of LisaLoves prints, and a couple of other prints from Jennies own photo art collection.

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Matching Printler Pairs

"Are you having a hard time choosing? Here you can find our tips for matching posters in pairs. We call it Printler Pairs. It really couldn't be easier! View our selected Printler Pairs"

Our selected Printler Pairs

Designer collections

We've worked with some of Sweden's foremost interior designers and influencers, and we allowed some of them to create their own collections, including their selected favourites from Printler's photographers. Collections by Arijana Heinrici Collection by Ida-Marie Isaksson Summer Collection by Claudia Behnan

Collection by Arijana Heinrici
Collection by Ida-Marie Isaksson
Collection by Claudia Behnan

Decorate with photo art from locations & cities

Thanks to our thousands of photographers, we have a wide range of prints from locations and cities all over the world! Try searching for your favourite places, and see what you find! Browse local photos

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Go your own way

When a blogger and influencer of @fridagrahn's calibre chooses to order photo art and unique, hand-picked designs from Printler, we feel like we deserve a pat on the back. This is of course what makes us unique, and is our greatest selling point - that you can find photos that stir up your own personal feelings or memories.

We offer prints that are neither mass-produced replicas of current trends nor mass-marketed prints.

Be brave like Frida and explore the 1000's of photographs and create a more personal home! 

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Find yourself through photo art!

Our posters have become really popular. Partly because of the wide assortment of photographs, but also due to the heavyweight matte paper that works just as well with clips as in a frame.

The photograph shown is from Old Town, Stockholm

Towards the light – Henrik Andersson 


Black & white go everywhere

"Black and white photo art is timeless and will go well in any and every room of your home, regardless of the wallpaper or interior details. The photographs shown are called: Sömngångare (Sleepwalker) Inre Fönster (Inner Window) "

Motiven i bild heter:
Inre Fönster


Sandra Linnell – En photographer with an sense for patters and symmetries

Sandra Linnell is one of our dearest photographer ambassadors. A creative and driven photographer that constantly surprises with her patterns and symmetries. Photo walks with Sandra are always exciting and she's always the one that finds and captures the shot that no one else has seen.


Check out Sandras gallery


Arijana Heinrici — A charismatic interior designer with the heart in the right place

Arijana Heinrici is one of the decorators we have been working on in recent years and was recently named one of Sweden’s most influential decorators.

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