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About Printler

The what, the why - the way we fly.

Bringing art lovers and artists together. Urging you to reform the identity of your walls.

For art's sake

Printler is connecting you and other art lovers with independent artists from all over the globe, established as well as upcoming. Photographers, painters, illustrators, digital designers – all oozin’ with that creative burn and unmistakable passion for art. Buying Art Prints at Printler, means supporting local and global artists by giving love, reach, and actual funds, enabling them to keep on doing what they love. And you get art. Genuine freakin’ art.

Saving your walls from conformity

Honestly, we’re fed up with that boring, generic poster stuff, sprinkled over each and every home. Printler’s mission is to offer something else. Inviting you to stand out. Stand for something. Inspiring you to go public with your actual taste in art. Cause art is what someone’s considering art – pretty-pretty or shitty ugly. Some might like owls and penguins, other are more into artsy abstract or local street stuff. We’re not the one to judge and guess you aren’t either. We’re just interested in interesting art.

Go ahead and revel in Printlers’ limitless art gallery, where every artwork is interesting for somebody. Find that authentic artwork made by real human beings and artists, giving you the chills and making you proud. Your Art Prints will create a stir on your walls, that’s for sure.

Making it last

The art is printed and produced on-demand in our local production studio in Slakthusområdet, Stockholm. We don’t stock, since we’re fans of both quality and mother earth. By using water-based ink jet technology on a selected 230 g paper, we ensure that the art is represented in the most glorious of ways regarding both color, durability and that overall luscious feel and look. Every single Art Print is handled with craftmanship, love, and care. Making sure it lasts, both on your wall and in your mind.