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FAQ for photographers and artists

If you're a photographer or an artists and have questions about your membership, your print shop, your wall art or your payments, etc., start by reading our FAQ. If you can't find the answer in the FAQ, feel free to contact us.

Who owns the rights to the images in my print shop?

We protect the rights of our photographers and artists and you always retain the rights of ownership to your images. However, in our terms, it is clearly stated that we require exclusive rights to print each photographer's and artist's pictures in certain formats where Printler has limited editions. This is to ensure that our limited editions are actually limited. However, these images may be sold for use in smaller formats and published freely for digital use.

What are the technical requirements for an image file?

Image files uploaded to Printler are intended for large format printing. Therefore, we require at least 10 megapixel images (3648 pixels height or width). Only JPG files can be uploaded and these should be saved at the highest jpg quality. This usually results in image files of around 15-30 MB.

There is currently no upper size limit, but if the image files approach 40-50 MB or greater, the upload will be unnecessarily heavy. Here you can find further criteras as to why a piece if wall art may be disapproved.

Why don’t my uploaded pictures appear in my print shop?

If you have just uploaded your first pictures, they will have been sent to us for review. However, in order for the pictures to be sent to us, you must have filled in information about the image and clicked on "Show in my print shop".


How long does your review take?

Our reviews usually take place within 24 hours, but in some cases may take up to 48 hours. We are a small team with a lot to take care of, so even if you are eager to get started, please be patient and wait.

What’s in it for me as a photographer/artist at Printler?

As a photographer or artist with us, you get a free platform where your work can reach a larger audience, and where you can sell your wall art as posters and prints. When you sell a piece of wall art via Printler, you will receive a payment of between 30-50% of the profit margin. The percentage depends on whether you are an amateur or a professional, and which product you sold. The profit margin is, therefore, the customer's price minus VAT (sales tax) and the costs for the production of the product.

Why does my compensation vary?

We also run discount campaigns with the goal of reaching more customers, increasing our market, and boosting sales. As a photographer or artist, you receive a percentage reimbursement of profits, so this may vary if a product is sold at a discounted price.  

Nothing happens when I click on “Show in my Print shop”. Why?

If these are your first pictures, please read the above answer. If you have been approved and your pictures do not appear in your gallery, this is probably because you failed to fill in one of the required fields. All fields with a star are obligatory and if they are not filled in, the pictures will not appear in your gallery.

How do I fill in tags and geotags?

Since this feature uses Java script, it may encounter problems on really old browsers. If you are using an old version of Internet Explorer or another older browser version, please try another browser or update your browser. It may also be related to your operating system or the browser on your phone. If you have a problem with your phone, please try this function on a computer instead.

My image files are less than 10 Megabytes, can I upload them anyway?

Keep in mind the difference between Megabytes and Megapixels. We require the image area to be 10 Megapixels (i.e. at least 3648 pixels in the longest direction). However, we do not require the file size to be a certain amount of megabytes. The file size (MB) is highly influenced by how detailed the subject is and a very minimalist image may be only 2-3 MB large but still 10 megapixels.

What is Wall art?

Wall art, according to our definition, means photos, illustrations, paintings or graphical art where the photographer/artist has had a vision, and deliberately composed and created his or her image. Wall art should consist of images that awaken feelings, provoke thoughts or raise questions. Wall art consists of images with a WOW factor, which capture the attention of the viewer for one reason or another. In simple terms, it means pictures that people would want to hang up in their homes or workplaces.

Why can’t I sell square pictures?

We have chosen primarily to launch products in traditional rectangular formats, so that we don’t end up out of our depth during our launch. However, our plan is to also be able to offer square products within the foreseeable future.


Why do some photographers and artists have more than 15 pictures in their gallery?

Photographers or artists who sell very well or take a strong position on our platform may be chosen as "Selected" photographer/artist. These photographers/artist get an extended space in their gallery.

Why do my images become over-saturated or end up with a colour cast?

If you find that your uploaded images look weird - for example if the colours are over-saturated or you end up with a colour cast - you probably uploaded images with a different colour profile than sRGB or Adobe RGB. Open the Wall art in your image editor and save the pictures again, preferably with the Adobe RGB colour profile, which gives the best colour rendering when printing.


"Didn't find the answer to your question above? Please do contact us at this address: Email for photographers and artists"  

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