Posters and Framed Photo Art– People & Portraits

Artistic and trendy portraits from some of Sweden's leading portrait artists. Be brave and hang a couple of portraits in your home. It adds a little edge and character to your home!

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Artistic prints of people

People and portraits on the wall provoke thoughts and awaken feelings

Decorating your home with images of individual people is both popular and challenging. It might be a sensitive, expressive portrait of a woman, man or something in between. It might be an image of bodies that express strength, defiance or passion. As an art form, the depiction of people in images has existed for centuries. As a society, we have also chosen to hang portraits on our walls for just as long. If you want a crisp and elegant home, you will find lots of suitable prints and posters in this category. In the inspiration section, you can see how others have decorated their homes with portraits from artists including LisaLove Bäckman and Annica Mari Albin.

Trendy portraits on the walls

In the world of interior design, the terms "trends" or "decoration trends" are often used. Something that is popular at the moment, something that is sought after, something that many have already embraced. Even in photography and art, we can observe trends, and portraits are very "in" at the moment! "Stylish" is a completely different concept from"trendy"; it indicates something much more personal. Stylish pictures can be something completely different for each person, and they do not have to be trendy at all. If you want to create a personalised home, we recommend choosing portraits that you like, whether they are stylish, trendy or something in between.