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Scandinavian nature

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Scandinavian nature

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Discover posters with Scandinavian nature & wilderness

When you think of Scandinavia, you think of endless forests, lakes and lots of wild animals. The nature of Scandinavia attracts many travelers who want to take a break from the city life and find a sense of freedom. From the north till the south, you will observe the most diverse landscape forms. The coasts in the east and west are so different, that you absolutely have to visit both. That's why posters with Scandinavian nature are such a popular wall decoration for those who want to experience that special Scandinavian feeling from home.


Dreamlike wall art with untouched forests, lonely mountains, gentle waters and local animals bring a special feeling into your own four walls: This is how you can be very close to Sweden and Norway. Nordic fans will find what they are looking for in Printler's large selection of beautiful posters with nature motifs. We have the most beautiful Scandinavian pictures from photographers who love this part of Europe as much as you do: This is how the most magical shots and unique posters for your home are created. The light from the northern parts of Sweden and Norway create effects that make nature pictures particularly artistic and conjure up a warm feeling in your home. At Printler you will find enchanting posters that feature photography and artwork which is directly inspired by the Scandinavian nature. Are you looking for misty sunrises or shots of typical Swedish animals? Look no further.

Speaking of loving nature. Our posters do not only showcase unique nature motifs by real artists, they are also produced in an environmentally friendly way. Each art print is a true piece of craft which is printed especially for you. To your order, on thick matte eco-certified paper. We do not have stock items - which you can tell by our print quality. The natural feeling of our posters really come alive in our Scandinavian oak frames!