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Printler x Jonas Loose

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"There is nothing more boring than bare walls."

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Artist Jonas Loose

Tell us a little about your background, who are you?
Hey guys, I’m Jonas. I used to work at a pet shop were I sold hamsters and goldfish. Then I moved to Hamburg (Germany) to follow my dream to become a photographer. After 5 years working for commercial and food photographers I’ve decided to put all my experience together and became who I am today. A Freelance and free-spirited artist and photographer.

How did you find your creativity?
I don't think creativity is something you find, it finds you. I always wanted to create something of my own. My creativity helps me to do that. I started with wax crayons as a toddler. Now I use my camera and photoshop.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
I always try to orientate myself on current trends. That’s why social media is my most important source of inspiration

What do you think wall art can give a home?
Home is a place to feel good. I like to surround myself with art.
There is nothing more boring than bare walls.

What do you have on your walls at home?
Mainly various black and white photos I have taken over the years. These include fashion shots, plant photos and landscape photos.

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Collaboration with Printler

Art is something very personal, so good personal contact with my business partners is important to me. I feel very well taken care of at Printler.

– Jonas Loose

Some of Jonas art